A Practical Guide to Romániço

Welcome to the Google Sites version of the official guide to Romániço, a simplified planned language based on a delocalized Romance lexicon. It was designed in 1991 to bridge the gap between the schematic and the naturalistic in constructed languages — that is, to combine the easy-to-use grammar of the former with the more rigorously Romance lexicon and orthography of the latter.

On this site, you’ll find everything you need to start using Romániço today.

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Alore Dómino Bedivero partiin, et vadin ad la spado, et lene prendin li ad si, et vadin ad la ripo; et ilác ili lighin la cinto circum la manu­­protect­atros, et poste ili jactin la spado maxim fore posíbile aden la acuo; et on brachio et on manuo venin super la acuo et incon­trin la spado, et captin li, et alore sucusin et brandin li tri-vece, et alore desaparin la manuo cum la spado aden la acuo.

Extract from La Morte d’Arthur (1485)
by Thomas Malory