Characteristics and industries 特色與產業

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1.Special characteristics:
Botosani is the birth place of our national poet, Mihai Eminescu (wiki), one of the biggest historical figures of the last few centuries, Nicolae Iorga, one of the nation’s greatest composers , George Enescu and a famous painter , Stefan Luchian .
博托沙尼是我國多位偉人的出生地,有民族詩人-米哈伊Eminescu,以及過去幾個世紀最大的歷史人物-尼古拉·Iorga,和最偉大的作曲家-喬治·埃內斯庫(作品請點選下列Youtobe網址); 以及著名的畫家-斯特凡Luchian.


 Here are two of Enescu’s most well-known works

So people come to see Eminescu’s house and the famous lake of this poems.所以遊客特地來本地民族詩人的房子,以及詩中著名的湖泊

2. Industries行業

Many inhabitants work abroad in EU countries. The others rely on commerce and agriculture.