Authors' list and short biography
The Romanian Journal of European Studies - No.5-6/2007

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Monica ALEXANDRU is a Quantitative Research Director in IMAS Marketing and Polls and a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Bucharest. The author has been working in the migration field since 2003, conducting various studies in the field of international migration and trafficking in human beings.


Tony DUNDON is college lecturer in management, J.E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, and research director for the High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) cluster at the Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC), National University of Ireland, Galway. He has published widely on systems of employee representation, trade union renewal, non-union employment systems and employment relations in small firms. Email:


Maria-Alejandra GONZALEZ-PEREZ is assistant professor of international business in Eafit University in Colombia. She is also associated to the Centre for Innovation & Structural Change (CISC) in the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). Email:


Dr. Constantin GURDGIEV is the Group Editor of Business&Finance Publications, publisher of Ireland’s largest business magazine, Adjunct Lecture in Finance with Trinity College, Dublin, and a Research Associate with the Institute for International Integration Studies, Trinity College, Dublin and the Policy Institute, Trinity College, Dublin. He is a Founder and Director of the Open Republic Institute – Ireland’s only independent economic and social policy think-tank. Dr Gurdgiev is an Honorary Fellow of the Copenhagen Institute, Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy Council, Member of the Academy of Political Science, the American Economic Association, the American Finance Association, Member of the Editorial Board of five international academic journals and a Member of the Executive Panel of the McKinsey&Co. He holds PhD in Macroeconomics and Finance from Trinity College, Dublin, MA in Economics from Johns Hopkins University (USA) and MA in Pure Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr Gurdgiev’s research focuses on theoretical macroeconomics and finance in the areas relating to international finance, trade, taxation and investment. His latest book Perspectives on International Debt was published in December 2007 by Trinity College, Dublin and his textbook International Trade in Services: From Theory to Markets and Strategies is forthcoming in Spring 2008 from the Institute for International Trade.


Marcell MÁRKUS is a student at the Budapest Corvinus University. His fields of interest are text analysis and statistical analysis of quantitative data. His is currently working on his thesis on the topic of the representation of migrants in the media.


Roland KESZI, PhD is Assistant Lecturer at ELTE University, Budapest. He and the Krolify Research Institute ( – of which he is the director – have conducted several researches dealing with the topic of refugees and asylum-seekers in the Hungarian labour market and also about their representation in the Hungarian press. His other research interests include sociological problems of information society, sociology of organisations. He and his colleagues started research projects with a new approach in disability studies. He is a member of Institute of Sociology Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


Tim KRIEGER holds a Master's degree from the University of Kiel and received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Munich in 2004. Currently, he works as an assistant professor of economics at the University of Paderborn. His fields of specialization are public economics, economic and social policy as well as immigration policy. He has widely published in journals such as Public Choice, Journal of Population Economics, Applied Economics and FinanzArchiv. His thesis on Public pensions and immigration was published by Edward Elgar Publishing in 2005 and was awarded the FNA Research Award of the German Federal Pension Insurance.


Terrence McDONOUGH is senior lecturer in economics at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is editor of Was Ireland a Colony?: Economics, Politics and Culture in Nineteenth Century Ireland and coeditor of Social Structures of Accumulation: The Political Economy of Growth and Crisis.  He is coauthor of Minding Your Own Business: Business Education for Labour Activists.  He is CoDirector of the Master's in Public Advocacy and Activism and Director of CentreSTAGE (Centre for the Study of Stages of Accumulation in the Global Economy). Email:


Steffen MINTER holds a Master´s Degree from the University of Paderborn which he received in 2006. He is currently engaged as a lecturer at the chair of public economics at the University of Paderborn. His fields of specialization are international migration, immigration policy and public economics.


Françoise PHILIP is doing her PhD at the Université Rennes 2 - Haute Bretagne [campus Villejean] with the support of the Regional Council of Brittany. She works with the laboratory LADEC-LAS Rennes for 4 years. Her research focuses in most cases on intra-European mobility, territorial membership and individuals’ trajectories. She also gives lessons of sociology as ATER (Attaché Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche) at the University of Upper Brittany (Haute Bretagne), Rennes, France. Contact:


Monica ROMAN, PhD is professor of Statistics at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Informatics and Statistics, Statistics and Econometrics Department. Phone: +40213191900; e-mail:


Grigore SILAŞI, PhD is Jean Monnet Professor at West University of Timisoara, and director of Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence. Between 1998 and 2006 Prof. Silasi was director of SISEC – the School of High Comparative European Studies within the West University of Timisoara. After graduation from Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences (Economics), Prof. Silasi studied at Bucharest University (Faculty of International Relations), ISVE (Institute for studies of Economical Development, Naples, Italy), World Economy Research Institute (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland) and at Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (France), its PhD in Economics being awarded by West University of Timisoara (1975, thesis: International Financial Co-operation). The professional experience allow him to have both a diplomatic vision (as former diplomat with UNESCO and Bucharest Foreign Office) and a scientific rigor (academic expertise: the Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara – lecturer; West University of Timisoara - different positions form senior lecturer to professor and consultant professor; Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France and University of Poitiers, France - visiting lecturer; doctoral adviser in Economics and International Economics since 1990; head of “European Studies - International Relations” and “Economic Intelligence - Management of Informational Resources” Master programmes; Jean Monnet European Economic Integration Chair). Key qualification: Regional Economics, Diplomacy, European Economy, Euro-Regional Environment: Norms, Regulations, Policies. Specific Eastern countries experience: Romania and Poland. Books authored, both in Romania and abroad. Prof. Silasi is the co-ordinator of the Editorial Board Secretariat of the Romanina Journal of European Studies, co-edited by the British Council in Bucharest and the West University of Timisoara, Romania.


Ovidiu Laurian SIMINA, PhD candidate in Economics at the West University of Timisoara, is law graduate (Law Faculty of the Bucharest Police Academy, specialisation: border police, immigration, asylum and refugees) and holds an MA in High European Studies from the School of High Comparative European Studies (SISEC), West University of Timisoara. Five years experience as immigration and border police officer (both at the Border Police checkpoints and at the “green” border - Romanian border with Serbia and Hungary) and one year as legal adviser (Legal Department of Ministry of Interior). Currently, Mr. Simina is personal adviser to the state secretary for liaison with the Parliament, Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, Romanian Government. His project aims at promoting the inclusion of the migration and mobility studies in the Romanian academic curricula. Mr. Simina is member of World Jurist Association (WJA) and European Economic Association (EEA). E-mail:, web:


Marta-Christina SUCIU, PhD is professor at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Faculty of Business Administration (studies in foreign language – English Section), Economics Department, PhD Supervisor on Economics since 2002, phone: +40740609859, email:


Bedassa TADESSE is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Dr. Tadesse received his B.Sc. Degree in Economics in Ethiopia, M.Sc. Degree in Development Economics in India, and M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Western Michigan University, USA. Dr. Tadesse teaches Econometrics, International Economics, and Development Economics, and his research focuses on International Trade, Immigrants, Economic Development, and Foreign Direct Investment. His recent publications have appeared in Applied Economics Letters, Journal of International Development, Pacific Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Integration, and the Journal of International Trade and Development Economics. Dr. Tadesse also enjoys running and playing chess.


Dr. Lefteris TOPALOGLOU is a Research Associate, Phd, at the Department of Planning and Regional Development at the University of Thessaly. He received his M.Sc. in Planning and Regional Development from the Thessaly University in 2003. His research interest pertain to the economic geography of borders, the impacts of integration on border regions, the perceptions and attitudes occurring across the border areas and to the research of typology of European border regions. He currently teaches international economic relationships at the Department of Financial Applications at the Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia. Recent article have appeared in International Journal for Public Policy, Journal of Borderland Studies, Geographies, Agora without frontiers.


Lilla VICSEK, PhD is Research Associate at the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy at the Budapest Corvinus University. She has conducted several researches dealing with the topic of the representation of minorities, migrants, refugees in the Hungarian Press. Her other research interests include methodological issues of text analysis, focus groups, gender and workplace, and the topic of risk.


Mehmet E. YAYA, a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Alabama (Department of Economics, Finance and Legal Studies), Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, holds a Master of Business Administration degree at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (2004) and Master of Arts in Economics degree at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (2006). He also holds a bachelors degree in International Trade from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey (2003). His research interest includes the immigrations studies, income distribution of immigrants and international labour movements. Mr. Yaya is a member of Southern Economics Association (SEA).


Roger WHITE is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA USA. Dr. White earned a B.A. degree in Economics (1996), an M.A. in Applied Economics (1998) from San Francisco State University, and an M.A. (2001) and a Ph.D. in International Economics (2004) from the University of California – Santa Cruz. His primary areas of research focus on the influences of immigrants on host-home country trade flows and on the domestic labor market consequences of increased global integration. He has published articles in Applied Economics, Open Economies Review, International Migration, Pacific Economic Review, The International Trade Journal, Eastern Economic Review, Journal of Labor Research, Economic Issues, International Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, and Applied Economics Letters.


Rixta WUNDRAK is Sociologist at Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Center of Methods in Social Sciences, and University of Potsdam, Institute of Geography. Her research areas are Migration (with focus on European Migration Policy), Interpretative and Qualitative Methodology (with focus on Ethnography and Biography) and Eastern European Transformation Process (with focus on Romania). For more information and list of publications, please contact