Migration issues: No.4/2005, No.5-6/2007 and No.7-8/2009

Paolo Ruspini (PhD, Milan) is Senior researcher at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Lugano (USI) since February 2008 as well as Associate Fellow at the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER) of the University of Warwick since March 2001. A political scientist, he has been researching issues of international and European migration and integration since 1997. Dr Ruspini uses a comparative approach to migration with frequent policy and qualitative analyses. He is an active member of some of the most important European research networks regarding international migration and social cohesion as well as being advisor for national and international institutions. He combines research activities with routine lectures in a number of universities and international institutions. Besides a significant number of papers which he contributed to international conferences, he is also the author of various publications on migration.

The Romanian Journal of European Studies



ISSN  1 5 8 3 - 1 9 9 X


Considering the lack of a scientific Romanian journal devoted to migration and mobility studies, The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence within the West University of Timisoara edited a new special issue on migration and mobility:
South-Eastern Europe and the European Migration System.
East-West Mobility in Flux
Guest Editor: Dr. Paolo Ruspini 


1. Foreword / Grigore Silaşi
2. Editorial / Paolo Ruspini

3. The Evolution of the European Migration System in light of the North-American Experience / Paolo Ruspini


Part I - Patterns of South-Eastern European Migration in Historical and Comparative Perspective


4. The New Migratory Routes of Europe? Polish and Romanian Emigrations in a Comparative Historical Perspective / Aurore Flipo

5. Italy – Albania. The Migrant as a Bridge Between Two Homelands: The Role of Remittances / Eralba Çela, Eros Moretti, Eniel Ninka

6. A Critical Discussion of the Motivations to Remit in Albania and Moldova / Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Melissa Siegel


Part II – Migration, Asylum and European Integration: Experiences of Central and South-Eastern European Countries


7. Migration Policy and Immigrants in the Czech Labour Market / Eva Janska

8. Hungary at Crossroads / Áron Kincses, Mary Redei

9. Building “Fortress Europe”: Europeanization of Asylum Policy in Turkey / Nurcan Özgur Baklacıoglu


Part III – New Approaches to the Enlarging European Migration Space


10. The EU Visa Liberalisation Process for Western Balkan Countries as a Reflection of the Politics of Modernity / Sanja Ivic

11. The Quest for Talent: EU Policies towards the “Brain-drain” Phenomenon / Eugeniu Burdelnii

12. Right to Refuse. Choices of Sovereign States in Transforming Migration Scenarios / Oudekki Loone


 The Editorial Team of the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence at the West University of Timisoara thanks the Guest Editor and the contributors for their efforts in this common endeavour.