Roman Past and Europe in our Times – the Significance of the Ancient Roman Heritage for the European Identity.            Comenius Project 2008-2010         


-research on material and written sources of ancient Roman times

-discussion of Ancient Roman culture for local and national historical consciousness

-reflection of these findings with regard to their significance for politics and society in present day Europe

-attempt to find a common European reception of the Roman heritage



-exchanges between app. 1000 students and app. 50 teaching staff from all four schools working on various projects and hopefully reaching cameraderie on a human level in the long term

-participation of a considerable number of students in four Major Meetings

-practicing foreign languages both subject-related and on a general socialising level



-forging lasting educational and organizational partnerships with schools abroad

-permanent availability of all products (both texts and audiovisual material) for a broader interested public through the creation of a project homepage and a project brochure