Originally designed solely for use aboard the U.S.S. Discovery, a role-playing-game set in the fictional Star Trek Universe, the badges and uniforms have since been adopted by the entire Star Trek: Borderlands community.  The redesigned combadges/uniforms combine futuristic simplicity with traditional symbols.  The entire collection can be seen in use on the USS Discovery and other Borderlands RPGs.

The Discovery Uniform strives to provide an efficient combination of aesthetics and practicality.  Unlike the heavy cloth, spandex, and jumpsuit variations of prior Starfleet uniforms, this newest design features superior materials and no duty-uniform variations.  The zip-up jacket worn over a formal department-color shirt is both easy to remove and lightweight.  Despite these alterations, it loses no sense of formality; the jacket edges and pant-leg openings are contoured with an elegant and durable black lining. 

Flag Officer (Commodore, Admiral, General & Marshal) uniforms are identical, but the lining is now embroidered with metallic threads (Gold for Navy, Silver Marines).

Likewise, the two dress-uniform variants are nearly identical to each other.  The shoulders on a standard dress-uniform jacket are gray, while those of Flag Officers are white.  Both versions include bright metallic embroidery around the edges and a black shoulder bar with no representation of department colors.

In addition to the already-present conformity, this set of uniforms does not come with any lab coats or jackets, such as those previously seen worn by the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Engineer on screen.  Instead, the length of the uniform jacket was designed to easily accommodate for the wearing of departmentally-specialized multi-tool belts when required for unique tasks, e.g. a belt with a medical tricorder, hypospray casing, and basic medications for use by search-and-rescue teams.

Perhaps the most significant change from prior uniform incarnations is the placement of rank pips.  No longer appearing on the collar, the pips are now attached to the inner-most left-hand portion of the shoulder bar. 

Combined with the Discovery Combadge Set, these uniforms establish a more recognizable Starfleet-standard, rather than incorporating the staggering amount of uniform variations seen in the past.

Although the Discovery-series uniform protocols don't allow for variants, an alternative set does exist for use by enlisted crew.  Unlike their officer counterparts, enlisted crew uniform jackets are two-tone black and gray.  The enlisted dress uniform adds additional gray to the sleeves of the jacket.  Aside from these color changes and the use of crewman rank pins, enlisted uniforms are identical to those of officers.