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The Museum has an extensive collection of books on the Roman period which can be read and studied in the Museum or the adjoining Library. Some of these are also available to buy from the Museum Bookshop.

There are two collections – one for children and one for adults as follows:



100 Facts – Ancient Rome

Along the Roman roads of Britain

100 things you should know about Roman Britain

Bath from Roman Times

100 things you should know about Gladiators

Britain in Roman Times

Ancient Roman Children

Carleon Roman Fortress

Ancient Rome  - Facts

Colchester Archaeological Report 3 :

Excavations at Lion Walk, Balkerne Lane & Middleborough, Colchester, Essex

Ancient Rome – Excavating the Past

Conquering Romans

Ancient Rome - Jobs

Evidence – The Romans

Avoid being a Roman Soldier

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Gladiator Activity Book

Food & Cooking in Roman Britain  - recipes

I Wonder Why Romans wore Togas

Littlecote Roman Villa

Life in Ancient Rome

Lunt Roman Fort

Life in Roman Britain

Hadrian’s Wall

My Best Book of Ancient Rome

Roman Baths in Bath

Roman Arena - Make your own

Roman Britain

Roman Fort – what happened here

Roman Empire

Stories from Ancient Rome

Roman Invaders

The Romans

Roman Roads

Rotton Romans

Roman Towns in Britain

Tricks & Treats

The Romans

What do we know about the Romans

Warwickshire – the Story

Why did Romans race to the Circus?

Wroxeter Roman City

Why did Romans March?