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School Visit

 Planning a school visit to Alcester Roman Museum

At a cost of just £4 per child your pupils can spend the day being time detectives, meet a Roman soldier in full military uniform and take part in interactive historical enquiry working with
original and replica artefacts.

This is a fascinating and interesting "hands - on" experience for your pupils which covers several National Curriculum areas. A day's visit will introduce pupils to: History units 6A and 18 as well as Citizenship units 5 and 10. If you are already adjusting your planning to be in line with the new primary curriculum then this visit will fit in with many of the skills required.

A day's visit comprises volunteer- led sessions throughout the morning, whilst the afternoon is activity based. Lunch can be eaten in the safe environment of the courtyard or, if wet, space can be found indoors. There is a small shop with suitably priced articles for children.

Contact Barbara Swinn for more information. School bookings are accepted on Tuesdays when the museum is closed to the general public.


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