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Everyone is called every day to live the beauty of the encounter, and sometimes we choose to meet who is more marginalized, who is not seen but is part of our small big world.

The experience started this way, when Dino, the founder of our Association, met a homeless who was living at Tuscolana station: from his desire to take care of him, to meet the other, to love him unconditionally and to accept him as he was.

The first team was born in the kitchens of some Roman homes: someone prepared the sauce, someone else cooked pasta, others ordered some sandwiches at the local markets. But the beauty of small things captures every human being: love creates more love... So, step by step, this family is growing bigger, more and more people are ready to devote their time to make Dino's dream more and more real.

That's how we became an Association. We found a place where we can cook for big numbers and, with the help of an always increasing number of volunteers, we were able to bring warm meals to two of the main railway stations in Rome, Tuscolana and Ostiense.

Behind a warm meal and a blanket, in the joy of sharing, in the desire to donate without asking anything in return, simply savoring the beauty of the encounter, we intercept faces, stories, tears and smiles. Pakistan, Morocco, Poland, Italy, Romania, Afghanistan, Tunisia, the whole world meets in a station: you are also there and, choosing to donate your time to the others, that world becomes yours too. Then you realize that diversity is not a limit, but the chance to come back enriched, with the smiles of those you have met in your eyes.