Welcome to my webpage. 
    I am currently a Lecturer in Mathematics at MIT, with research interest in fluid and solid mechanics.

    My approach to research involves an interplay between experimental, theoretical and numerical modeling techniques. My principal research areas might  be categorized as: 

  • Elasticity,
  • Rotating flows,
  • Fluid-Structure-Interactions,   
  • Mechanical Instabilities.


Daniel Averbuch (IFPEN)

Miha Brojan (University of Ljubljana)

Stéphane Le Dizès (IRPHE)

Jörn Dunkel (MIT)

Christophe Eloy (IRPHE)

Patrice Le Gal (IRPHE)

Francisco Lopez Jiménez (MIT)

Patrice Meunier (IRPHE)

François Nadal (CEA)

Pedro Reis (MIT)

Alban Sauret (SVI.CNRS)

Norbert Stoop (MIT)

Denis Terwagne (ULB)