I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington working with Kevin Jamieson. My research interests include active learning, bandits, statistical learning and fairness in machine learning. I have also worked with Zaid Harchaoui and Maryam Fazel on imitation learning and safe statistical learning for applications in robotics.

Before that, I completed a master degree at ENS Paris-Saclay in Mathematics Applied to Vision and Learning (MVA) and a master degree at Mines Paristech in Statistics and Probabilities. I also studied applications of operators adapted wavelets to image processing with Houman Owhadi during an exchange program with the CMS department of Caltech.


Nearly Optimal Algorithms for Level Set Estimation, Blake Mason, Romain Camilleri, Subhojyoti Mukherjee, Kevin Jamieson, Robert Nowak, Lalit Jain, AISTATS 2022, arxiv

Selective Sampling for Online Best-Arm Identification, Romain Camilleri*, Zhihan Xiong*, Maryam Fazel, Lalit Jain, Kevin Jamieson, NeurIPS 2021, arxiv

High-Dimensional Experimental Design and Kernel Bandits, Romain Camilleri, Julian Katz-Samuels, Kevin Jamieson, ICML 2021, long presentation (3% acceptance rate), arxiv


Active Learning with Safety Constraints, Romain Camilleri, Andrew Wagenmaker, Jamie Morgenstern, Lalit Jain, Kevin Jamieson, arxiv


Email: camilr at cs dot washington dot edu