Welcome To Roly Poly Kids

Everything you need for your child's party is here. From Cake Tins to Tables, Chairs and Party Bag.
All you need to do is, supply the Food and Cake.  A great LAWN sign announcing the party at your place!
Please feel free to compare our prices as we are very competitive.



Helpful Hints

  • Stuck for a KIDS menu!   Try this and you're done:
    • Pigs in a Blanket
    • Cocktail sausages
    • Sausage rolls
    • Fairy bread / mini sandwiches
    • Popcorn
    • Potato Crisps 
    • Seasonal fruit (such as grapes, water melon, etc)
    • Ice-blocks or Jelly cups
    HINT: Reserve the lollies and sugary foods for the Party Bags
    Be Organised!
    Nothing compares to an organised party.  Make sure you get the food out on time.  Kids lose their appetitite quickly if they are not fed at an appropriate time.  Put your "food menu" on the fridge or notice board.  This way you know what to get out and can estimate cooking times, etc.
    Spring/Summer Games
    Probably the best time of year  to have a party at home. If you have plenty of room at your home, save on hiring a venue and host the party at home.  
    Local community halls are available for rent at a reasonable hourly rate.  See your Local Plunket or Citizen's Advice Bureau for available venues.  
    Hang up the pinata, get the water-slide out, draw a treasure map with hidden treasure around the garden. Let the kids run out and burn off steam.

    Party Bag Ideas
    To make these inexpensive, consider filling the following items in the bags:
    • Mini Bags of Biscuits or Crisps
    • Individually wrapped chocolates and lollies
    • Decorated cupcake or a piece of the Birthday cake
    • A Thank You Note