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     The MACE officially started on Palm Sunday of 2006. Fr. Ronald Macale saw the need for an Information Technology (IT) group who will help the church in evangelization through the use of multimedia. MACE is responsible for the publication of our parish newsletter, Sinag Resureksyon, and the souvenir program. It also takes care of the Power Point presentation during holy mass, the layout of tarpaulins, banners and flyers, the video production of Via Lucis, and the development of the ROLP web page.


     Thanks to MACE, the activities and projects of our parish have made a bigger impact on many of our parishioners. Our use of the projector to flash the mass responses and song lyrics has resulted in a louder and more unified participation from the congregation. By means of the newsletter, banners and flyers, people understand more about church teachings and know about other parish events. Furthermore, the web page enables the parish to reach out to more people.

     With all the things expected of us, we still need more talented and committed people to help. To all those interested to join MACE, sign up at the parish office and join us help our parish in discovering new possibilities through multimedia.

2nd Anniversary
Trinoma, QC, March 22, 2008


 3rd Anniversary Celebration
La Mesa Ecopark, April 4, 2009


(Projector Operators * Writers * Graphic Artists)

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