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JBI Racing provides quality products designed specifically for the racer.  Based on years of experience, we have developed market-driven designs that work!  Our core competencies are focused in the field of Oval racing.  We provide custom design solutions for a variety of applications.

The Rollout Calculator &  R/C Log has become an essential tool in R/C Racing.  This tool was primarily developed around Dirt Oval Racing, but could be used in other applications as well.  It was developed by racers for racers!  The Rollout Calculator & R/C Log currently has four tabs (Rollout Chart, Race Log, Battery Maintenance, and Race Pics).  We have put in well over 200 hours of development and testing into this product, and plan to continue to improve and add functionality with your input. 

This .Net application will only work on Windows based machines and will require Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.  The development was done on a 32 bit XP based platform.  We have had the application work on a 64 bit platform, but does require some configuration.
You can find .Net Framework 3.5  here:
You can download the latest version of ADOBE here:


The Application does require a License Key after the installation is complete.  The application is sold on a per license bases and each machine will require its own individual key.  The software will only work with a unique key which will not be able to be transferred from PC to PC.  Each license will cost $25.00.  Paypal is accepted and the install files can be zipped and emailed, or downloaded below.


All minor enhancements or bug fixes will be given out free, and all major upgrades will be minimal.  The cost of the software is only there to cover development costs and time. 


Our  primary goal is to help the racer! 


 Let us help you!
If you have more questions you can email Bill Impson at williamimpson@gmail.com
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You may download the install files here, but you will not be able to run the application without a registration Key.    You will be prompted to enter the key the first time you launch the application.  Paypal will be required to recieve registration key.  Paypals can be sent to williamimpson@gmail.com
If you choose to install the files are below
VERSION 3 Full Version  (If you alreay have version 1 or 2, you will need to use the same key I provided)

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    *********** VISTA / WINDOWS 7 and 64 BIT OPERATION SYSTEMS ***********
* After installation you may need to configure the installation directory and executable.
1. Right click on the program shortcut or program .exe file, then click on Properties, and on the Compatibility tab. (See screenshots below)
NOTE: If you are doing this while logged on as a standard user instead of an administrator, then you will need to also click on the Change settings for all users button and type in the administrator's password.
2. To Always Run this Program as an Administrator -
A) Check the Run this program as an administrator box, and click on OK. (See screenshots above)
*** If you have any questions feel free to call or shoot an email ***


 The Second tab allows the user to compute and compare rollouts or ratios for 2 separate vehicles at the same time.  The user has the ability to select the Transmission Ratio, Tire Size, and Spur Gear from 3 easy drop down boxes.  The user may also manually key the variables. 

Another feature that was recently added is the ability to compute average RPM based on Track size, Laps, and Rollout.  This is especially essential with today latest speedo’s where knowing the RPM is key to a fast setup.

There are also “Hot Keys” which are also available from any of the tabs which allow the user to launch the windows calculator or launch the Tekin Hotwire software.


 The second  tab  allow  the user to store and recall upwards of 200  pieces of information for a particular car.  The Application uses the original manufactures PDF setupsheets. 





























 The third and forth tab are tused forweight distribution and battery mantenance.

The Weight distribution tab allows the user to compute Left side, Rear, and Cross weight percentages based on the weight of all 4 corners of the vehicle.









The Battery Maintenance log was created to allow racers to record specific data regarding their Lipo packs after they have been cycled.  This tab can also be used to record runs on a pack.  Data such as run time, internal resistance, average voltage, and Mah can be recorded.

You can also record things such as voltage during a cycle at 30,60,90,120,150 and 180 seconds.




The last tab gives the racer the ability to record pictures of specific race data such track shots, tire grooves, car pictures, etc... 

We have found this extreamly useful when text cannot capture the full "picture".

We have found the expression "A picture is worth a 1000 words", to be quite true. 





The last tab was designed to help the Dirt Oval racer fine tune his vehicle.  This setup guide will help racer figure out what to due in even the toughest conditions. 

The guide can also be exported to a file, which can be printed.

Thank you for your interest in this product.  If you have more questions you can email Bill Impson or Jeff Belton at RolloutSupport@gmail.com or JBIRacingSupport@gmail.com