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The new Roller-Skid was originally developed simply to make snow blowing easier.  I found that the steel skids on my 2-stage  Snow Thrower were constantly grabbing and pulling my machine until I became exhausted just trying to keep it moving in a straight line.  In an act of desperation I substituted a pair of wheels for the steel skids I found that they worked very well... but that I missed the skids when I ran into heavier snow and ice.  

And that's when it occurred
to me... 
I could  have both! 

Not only did the Roller-Skids make snow blowing easier... but I discovered that the steel skids have a well earned reputation for scuffing and scraping the concrete on driveways and walkways.  And with the increasing popularity of stamped concrete and decorative surfaces, the problem has become even more critical due to the damage caused by steel skids.  But now because the Roller-Skid simply ROLLS over these surfaces there is no longer any damage!  And as if that wasn't enough... there are no longer any rust stains to deal with on your garage floor from wet steel skids.  Even the axles and hitch pins are made of stainless steel. 

Roller-Skids are sold in pairs. Patented.
Installation Instructions included.

Two GREAT sites to go for retail purchase:

For questions, comments and DEALER INQUIRIES please go to: and provide contact information.  Samples are available.  

Roller Skids are available for shipment NOW!

IMPORTANT: Before using be sure the wheel is free to rotate and is not jammed due to gravel or ice.

NEW for 2011
Universal Adapter Brackets
for John Deere, Husqvarna, Honda, etc...
These patented brackets allow practically ANY manufacturer's skid to fit ANY 2-stage snow blower!

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Please Note

Before you order be sure they will fit your machine.   The dimension between the mounting bolts must be 2-3/4” to 3” apart. Many John Deere, Husqvarna, etc. have 2” and 2-1/2” bolt centers which DO NOT FIT.  Please use the NEW Universal Adapter Brackets for machines with narrower or wider bolt center locations.

Please Note that Roller-Skid products are designed for use on 2-Stage Snow Blowers for Residential Customers having asphalt and concrete driveways and walkways and are not recommended for use on gravel surfaces.

The Roller-Skid in Action