//June 22nd 2016/coherence ep

recorded/mixed/mastered in San Francisco by Jason Brownstein

released by Moduveteers and coherence on tape

//July 1st 2018/of alternate spaces

recorded/mixed/mastered in East Palo Alto by Jack Shirley at the atomic garden

released by get better records and AF records on vinyl (/500) and on cassette by conditions records (/350)


February 25th/34th and Telegraph//Oakland w/lil dowager, praying 

September 24th/Thrillhouse Records//San Francisco w/leisure world, trash vampires

March 28th/Honey hive Gallery//San Francisco w/Ostraca, dream spoiler, Thomas Nguyen 

April 23rd/924Gilman//Berkeley w/Slingshot Dakota, long knives, SOAR 

June 12th/Crate//Oakland w/soul glo, dream spoiler, lil dowager 


February 17th/annares info shop//Portland, Or w/ tarueen

February 18th/ the black lodge//Seatle, Wa w/ziptie, subsumer, Nación de humo 

February 19th/ track house//Olympia, Wa w/pines, Nación de humo

March 10th/Avis house//San Francisco w/taureen

April 7th/Sgraffito//Oakland/tape release show w/la normal, the zeta, Thomas Nguyen, MEM 

May 27th/perch coffee//Oakland w/MEM, VRIL, mommy long legs

June 2nd/1234go//Oakland w/ downcast, wet the rope, aninoKo 

June 3rd/the hive//Oakland w/false figure, Truman 

August 3rd-6th//Oakland,Ca//the universe is lit 

August 31st/Sunnyvale//1031 Grand St, Brooklyn, New York 11211 w/colonia/Tower/Foster Care/Chud/Lions Cage/Junta

September 1-3/Philadelphia//YALLA PUNK w/bidet/al thawra 

September 2nd/Philadelphia//broke down palace w/Mother Evergreen (IL) / Maxwell Stern / Blue Ranger / Alenni

September 10th//Oakland//purple house w/inverts, rex manning day, ox

September 22//Oakland, ca @1234go records w/Darto/Doctor Nurse

October 20th//Goleta,CA 93117 w/City of Caterpillar/Dangers/entry

October 21st// La puente,CA@bridge town w/Vril/la bella

October 22nd//san jose@the trash house w/eyelet/awakebutstillinbed'

november 11th//oakland@1234 go w/Ghostlimb/Bringers

december 8//Reno//the hol w/surly/shit metaphor/gemini cusp

June 20th w/the zeta(Venezuela) @sgraffy/ask a freak
7/6/18/Los Angeles.California/BridgeTownDIY w/La Bella/Blessed Chamber/West America/Causa
7/8/18/San Diego.California-matinee-/Che Cafe w/Causa
7/9/18/Tucson.Arizona/Cans Deli
7/10/18/Phoenix.Arizona/Tobacco Row
7/11/18/Flagstaff.Arizona/Cottage House
7/12/18/Salt Lake City.Utah/The Underground
7/14/18/Portland.Oregon/Black Water w/Matriarch 
7/16/18/Bellingham.Washington/Make Shift ART
7/17/18/Vancouver.BC/Black Lab
7/18/18/Seattle.Washington/high line
7/19/18/Portland.Oregon/vista house
7/20/18/Arcata.California/Outer Space
7/21/18/Oakland.California/1234GoRecords(Record release/benefit show for Soul Glo)
October 2nd @1234go w/choked up (NYC), awakebutstillinbed.
October 3rd @ Silver Sprocket w/choked up(NYC), long knives, readings by Cristy C. Road and Michelle Gonzalez
October 4th @ 924 Gilman w/choked up(NYC), Sarcasm, Midnight Snaxx
November 17th @LUCKY DUCK, Oakland, CA w/difficult objects/total bettys

January 5th@Octopus literary salon, Oakland, CA w/hawak/zeta/elle
January 20th @thrillhouse records, SF, CA w/Khiis/Eteraz(oly)/flexure/Krimewatch (surprise set)
April 19th@octopus w/HIRS/NOPES/INVERTS
Aprily 22nd@Pentacle Coffee in SF w/HIRS/CLOCKED
May 4th Tour Kick off Show @not dead rat beach w/CLULESS/CINZA

east coast tour w/HIRS ~have fun hold hands 2019 tour~
may10th Philly @ Mother Ship w/Choked Up/Yarrow
may11th New Haven, CT @ NG2BC w/Intercourse/ Space Camp/VideoDome
may12th Providence, RI @ Al Dios No Conocido w/Dichrosim/trash baby

may13th Western Mass @ FLY WHEEL w/NanaGrizol YrHeartBreaks Loam. / Escuela / SM

may14th New Hampshire @ Sue's w/happy accidents/squitch/tossed aside
may15th Boston @ pink noise studio w/Wimp + Pain Chain
may16th NYC @El Cortez w/Choked up
May 17th  Baltimore @ Side Bar w/Bustdown + BlowBoater
May 18th  DC @ Coment Ping Pong w/NO MAN
May 19th  Richmond @ Gallery 5 w/NO MAN + .giffromgod
May 20th  Boone, NC @ some house w/Torch Runner
May 21st  Columbus @ the crater w/planet jackpot/for your health/body farm
May 22nd Chicago @TCC gallery 
May 23rd Detroit @Santuary w/RaceTraitor
May 24th @Pittsburgh @ MrRoboto w/RaceTraitor +Calyx
May 25th+26th Philly @ the rotunda ~BFF~ w/Ractraitor/amygdala/thirdface/soul glo/provoke
Mass Arrest/listless/yarrow/no man/truth cult/choke up + more

June 15th @Gilman w/AMYGDALA/Ragana/Nicodomvus
July 13th @Octopus w/Fatal State/Provoke/Membrane