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First Grade

Curriculum Focus

Math Recognize, Compare, & Write numbers 1-100, Identify 3-D Shapes, and Probability
Science Each class is using one of
 the following units: 
Solids/Liquids, Living Organisms, 
Balance & Motion, or Sand, Silt, 
and Pebbles
LA/Reading  Read and comprehend fiction & nonfiction text. Read at least 100 sight words, decode words using vowel rules, 
and read with fluency
Social Studies  Community helpers and Families
Writing Write complete sentences about one topic using details. Use correct punctuation and capitalization, and use spelling resources.

Grade Level Expectations

 We expect students to be working on becoming independent and demonstrating responsibility. 
We expect students to use kind words, raise hands to share ideas, and use their words to solve 
problems with their peers. Students are expected to complete homework and read nightly. 
We show respect, effort, and self-control in first grade!