Mutants And Maresterminds
The House Of Enchanted Comics, Part Two

Mutants And Maresterminds
As the light fades from your eyes, you find yourselves in a massive city on a bright summer’s day. Ponies of all kinds stroll along, enjoying the fine weather. Almost immediately as you get your bearings, two things stand out immediately. First, is your remarkable change of clothes. Whatever you were wearing before has been replaced with a fancy new outfit, straight from the pages of your favorite superhero comic! 

At this point, offer each player a chance to name their new superhero, and define their super power. Super powers work effectively like spells, allowing the character to freely use a special ability (for example, Matterhorn’s ice powers or Saddle Rager’s strength).

Secondly, it’s difficult to miss the booming sound of a disembodied voice somewhere in the skies above:

"The City of Mettrotpolis! Home to the legendary League of Heroes! Including…"

Here, take a moment to let the announcer formally introduce the party’s hero personas. Feel free to play up the narrator angle of this bit, and really any bit you want to narrate during this segment. The more you sound like a Saturday morning Supers show narrator, the better.

Suddenly, a chill wind overtakes the city. There, in the sky! It can only be the maniacal airship of Windigo, the master of ice!

“Ice to see you again, foalish citizens of Mettrotpolis! I, Windigo, will soon rule this city in my icy grip! Feel free to bring your offerings, tributes, and other assorted grovelling to my lair at the Mettrotpolis Skating Rink, or risk getting left out in the cold! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!”

At this point, the PCs should have a pretty good idea of what to do. After all, it’s kind of difficult to ignore the insane ramblings of a supervillain broadcasting his evil scheme and location from a blimp in the middle of the city. That said, should the party not head towards Windigo’s lair, let them gallivant around the city, seeing more and more of Mettrotpolis become covered in ice and snow. When they’ve finally had enough, let them make their way to the Skating Rink to confront Windigo.

Skating Rink
Mettrotpolis Skating Rink has been converted to house a twisted, icy palace. In the center of the skating rink sits a massive machine with an antenna resembling a massive unicorn horn, glowing with an icy blue aura. Surrounding and maintaining the machine are a panoply of parka’d ponies, attending to the machine while the unicorn inside barks orders through a series of television screens. 

As you enter the rink, the unicorn in the machine looks up to you and grins. “Ah, if you’re here to deliver tribute, it’s the second door to the left. If you’re another set of interlopers, feel free to strike the  pose you want to be frozen in when you join the others in my collection of new ice sculptures. Actually, just stick with that second one. Henchponies, seize them!”

At this point, let the PCs get into a good, old-fashioned superhero vs. minions action sequence against the six henchponies. The minions will try to incapacitate the heroes with ice rays, while Windigo will spend each of his turns inside the machine taunting the heroes with ice puns. Terrible ice puns. Batman and Robin-level terrible ice puns. Ice puns so terrible that they deal damage to the PC they target unless the PC can make a check to resist the awful attempt at humor.

Feel free to make up the worst puns you can possibly think of during the fight with Windigo. After all, these are meant to be awful, damage-inducing puns. For a bit of help, here’s a few suggestions to get you started:
  • “Ice see some trouble in your future!”
  • “Snow down and relax, heroes! You can’t defeat me anyway!”
  • “Looks like this fight will be winding down soon!”
  • “Say Freeze!”
  • “Snow time like the present!”
And any other awful, cringe-worthy pun you can come up with. Just remember, they don’t have to be good--they just have to make your players groan.

Once Windigo’s minions have been defeated, Windigo shrieks with anger from inside the machine.

No! You foals will not be allowed to ruin my glorious winter! I’ll freeze this city! I’ll freeze the world! As long as my Ice-Scream machine still functions, I cannot lose!

At this point, the machine pushes into overdrive, sending out a massive cold wave and redirecting some of the energy inward, slowly encasing Windigo in a block of ice. At this point, the PCs are free to do anything in their power to stop the machine, from teaming up to stop the ice using their powers combined, to using electrical engineering skills to just stop the machine from functioning. Whatever the group decides to do, give each member of the team a chance to contribute to fixing the problem.

Stopped Cold
The machine grinds to a halt as the ice encasing Windigo completely covers him, trapping the villain in his own invention. As the ice begins to melt and the summer sun begins to stream in through the roof, the Mettrotpolis police arrive to cart Windigo off to jail to cool his hooves for a while.

And so, once again, the day is saved! Thanks to the League of Heroes!

Back In The Shop
Once the party returns from their trip, Page is waiting at her desk, reading a vintage copy of "Supermare: The Mare Of Steel."

“Ah, you’re back! What did you think? Would you like to try something else?”

Page remains silent on petty issues such as “What the hay was that?” and “How does that work?”, simply switching the direction of the conversation to the other two featured books if they have not yet been completed.