Epic Experience

This variant dramatically simplifies character advancement, for groups which are more casual or adventure-oriented, and don't want to use the default Lesson-based Experience Point system.

Using this method, the GM first makes the decision after the end of an Episode as to whether or not the group of characters satisfactorily completed the Episode, and if they did so in a positive moral or ethical way (or at least made an earnest attempt to do so).

For example, if a group of characters is supposed to obtain an old map from a museum, they might do so by negotiating with the museum and doing a favor for the curator, or they might do so by simply stealing the map. It is left up to the GM as to what impact this has one way or the other on whether or not the group's completion of the Episode was positive or not.

If the GM decides that the characters completed the Episode and did so in a positive way, rather than awarding Experience Points to the characters, each character simply chooses one new Edge, purchasing it as if they had used Experience Points to do so.

If the GM decides that the characters did not meet the requirements to advance in this way, they are free to award Experience Points instead, for Lessons the group may have learned along the way. In this way, the two systems can be used interchangeably.