Paragon Ponies

This variant contains rules for players to play "Paragon" versions of the standard Races, who gain special abilities in line with their Race's unique and inherent nature. Paragon Ponies are intended to be more heroic, being played in more high-power settings and Episodes, facing more dire threats, and having more high-stakes adventures. This makes them unsuitable to be played alongside standard, non-Paragon Pony characters.

To begin with, all Paragon Ponies--regardless of whether they are Earth Ponies, Pegasi, or Unicorns--gain the following three special abilities:

Special Destiny
Paragon Ponies may purchase the “Special Purpose” Edge for no XP cost.
Paragon's Gift
Paragon Ponies increase any one of their starting Attribute scores by one point.
Heroic Heart
Paragon Ponies treat their Heart score as if it were one point higher than it actually is, for the purposes of determining their starting and maximum Valor.

In addition to the above, each Paragon Pony gains a unique special ability according to their Race:

Paragon Earth Ponies
The Earth Pony Way
Paragon Earth Ponies triple their Heart score for the purposes of determining their Fortitude and Willpower. In addition, each time Valor is spent to restore Fortitude and Willpower to a Paragon Earth Pony, they recover an additional 2 points of Fortitude and Willpower per point of Valor spent.

Paragon Pegasi
The Sky's The Limit
Paragon Pegasi have no maximum attainable amount of Valor within a single Episode. However, they lose any excess Valor (according to their normal maximum) at the end of each Episode. In addition, at the beginning of any Scene in which a Paragon Pegasus is facing danger, they roll 1d6. On a result of 5 or 6, they gain one point of Valor.

Paragon Unicorns
The Power Of Knowledge
Paragon Unicorns gain a +1 bonus to check results for each extra d6 they roll which is granted by the applicable Skill being used for that check (if they have one). For instance, if they are entitled to roll an extra 1d6 from their Skill, they also gain a +1 bonus; if they are entitled to roll an extra 2d6 from their Skill, they gain a +2 bonus instead.