Casting Spells

Once a Spell has been created, it can be cast by a character with spellcasting ability. First, the Spell Level of the Spell must be converted into a Difficulty Target, as follows:

Spell Level 8 or less: “Simple” Difficulty Target
Spell Level 9 to 14: “Average” Difficulty Target
Spell Level 15 to 22: “Difficult” Difficulty Target
Spell Level 23 or more: “Daunting” Difficulty Target

The spellcasting character must pay an amount of Fortitude and / or Willpower (split as they choose) equal to the Difficulty Target in order to make the attempt. If the character cannot spend enough Fortitude and / or Willpower to meet the cost of the Spell, they cannot even make the attempt to cast the Spell.

Finally, the character then attempts to meet or exceed the Difficulty Target with a Mind-based check to succeed at casting the Spell. This check is subject to all other rules of making a check, including rules for Partial and Dramatic Successes. At the GM’s discretion, they may increase or decrease the Difficulty Target for the purposes of successfully casting the Spell (for situations in which the task the spell is attempting to accomplish is more or less difficult than is casting the Spell itself). This increase or decrease may or may not also affect the cost to cast the Spell, allowing the GM to override the spellcasting rules when necessary.