Creating Spells

The ability to create Spells is what makes magic such a versatile asset; characters who can harness magic are often able to do so not just by learning Spells, but by creating their own and thus tailoring their use of magic to their personal strengths, preferences, and the situation at hand. Creating Spells, however, can be a complex process for players who are new to it.

Every Spell requires a few components to be created; the first of these is the list of the Magical Aspects which are involved in the Spell. There are five Magical Aspects every Spell needs: Target, Range, Duration, Effect(s), and Subject(s). Each Magical Aspect is chosen from a list, to best describe the Spell. Each Magical Aspect also carries its own Spell Level value (found in each Magical Aspect's entry), which are added together to calculate the Spell Level of the Spell being created. The Spell Level of a Spell will determine the cost to cast that Spell, as well as the minimum Difficulty Target a character must meet with a check to cast it successfully (which may limit what Spells can be cast by a character according to their spellcasting capabilities).

In addition to these mechanical necessities, a Spell also needs a brief description of what it does, any limitations it has, details on how it carries out its effects, and / or any other information which is important to the Spell for the purposes of gameplay. This description allows the GM to interpret the effects of the Spell, and apply those effects to the action of the Episode.

All Magical Aspects used to create Spells are found below, as well as their Spell Level value.

Target determines what the Spell is trying to affect. A Spell’s Target may be any one of the following:
Individual (Spell Level +1) means a single target; one person, one boulder, one sheet of paper, etc.
Group (Spell Level +2) means more than a single individual target; a group of people, all the apples on an apple tree, etc.
Area (Spell Level +4) means everything in an area, not necessarily specifically targeted; everyone who is in a house, or enters it, etc.
Mass (Spell Level +8) means everything reasonably able to be visualized; all Pegasi, every adult, the entire sky, etc.

Range determines the connection between the caster and the most inaccessible target. A Spell's Range may be any one of the following:
Contact (Spell Level +1) means that the target is the caster themselves or is in direct physical contact with the caster.
Seen (Spell Level +2) means that the target can be easily seen by the caster at the time the Spell is cast (line of sight).
Known (Spell Level +4) means that the target is known well by the caster; it may be a friend, a familiar object, etc.
Unknown (Spell Level +8) means that the target isn’t necessarily Familiar to the caster but still may be targeted by the Spell.

Duration determines how long the Spell’s effects are meant to last. A Spell's Duration may be any one of the following:
Immediate (Spell Level +1) means that the Spell is instantly resolved and completed, such as a flash of light or teleportation.
Sustained (Spell Level +2) means that the Spell lasts as long as the caster focuses on it, such as a shield bubble or an illusion.
Temporary (Spell Level +4) means that the Spell lasts for a short time without needing to be focused on, such as temporary wings.
Persistent (Spell Level +8) means that the Spell lasts for a long time without needing to be focused on, such as sealing a chest.

Effect(s) determine the basic effect of the Spell. A Spell's Effect(s) may be any one or more of the following:
Animate (Spell Level +1) governs physical manipulation of something, whether through concentration or by self-manipulation.
Combine (Spell Level +1) allows for the merging, or fusion, of multiple elements into a whole, or a functional hybrid.
Deceive (Spell Level +1) obscures or hides things from detection, or gives things false characteristics.
Diminish (Spell Level +1) makes something a ‘less perfect’ version of itself, damages it, or even eliminates it entirely.
Forge (Spell Level +1) creates something from nothing, or improves something, making it a ‘more perfect’ version of itself.
Modify (Spell Level +1) gives something a property or ability it does not normally have according to its function or normal capabilities.
Reveal (Spell Level +1) reveals hidden things and imparts knowledge about things.
Separate (Spell Level +1) splits things into their component parts to various degrees of specificity.

Subject(s) determine the basic area of composition the Spell is affecting. A Spell's Subject(s) may be any one or more of the following:
Air (Spell Level +1) encompasses atmosphere, gases, smoke, and other gaseous materials.
Animal (Spell Level +1) encompasses lower animals such as cats, dogs, and birds—animals which cannot speak.
Body (Spell Level +1) encompasses the physical bodies (but not the minds) of higher creatures with the ability to speak.
Construct (Spell Level +1) encompasses manufactured objects, some with multiple interacting component parts.
Earth (Spell Level +1) encompasses stone, dirt, sand, metal, gemstones, and other non-living solid material found underground.
Energy (Spell Level +1) encompasses pure non-magical energy and energy-like effects, such as electricity, magnetism, and radiation.
Force (Spell Level +1) encompasses solid barriers of magical energy, like impassable shields and force fields.
Heat (Spell Level +1) encompasses thermal matters such as warmth and coldness, as well as fire, melting, and freezing.
Light (Spell Level +1) encompasses pure light, but not elements which naturally give off light, such as fire.
Magic (Spell Level +1) encompasses pure magical power and the mystical energies which make up spell effects.
Mind (Spell Level +1) encompasses the minds of higher creatures with the ability to speak.
Plant (Spell Level +1) encompasses natural plants and flora, as well as plant creatures.
Shadow (Spell Level +1) encompasses tangible shadow-stuff, physical darkness, and gloom made manifest.
Sound (Spell Level +1) encompasses noise and perceived sound, including music, voices, and other tones.
Space (Spell Level +1) encompasses vectors and spatial dimensions; it deals with areas of material reality such as gravity.
Time (Spell Level +1) encompasses the temporal dimension of reality and the persistence or passage of time.
Water (Spell Level +1) encompasses all fluids and physical liquids, not only water itself.
Weather (Spell Level +1) encompasses natural weather effects, including clouds, lightning, wind, rain, snow, thunder, and hail.