Magic Is As Magic Does

Magic in Equestria is a powerful and personal force; those who can wield it are a breed apart from others, and a character who truly understands the intricacies of magic and spellcasting is a rare individual indeed. Mechanically, casting a Spell is a potent ability, though it draws upon a character’s inner strength and stamina and can rapidly drain them of their Fortitude and Willpower.

Spellcasters beware!
The use of spells and magic is one of the most complex and potentially time-consuming parts of S4E to use (the spell creation system alone is capable of creating an estimated 16,521,197,300,156,989,440,000 unique spells); if you plan to play a character who wields magic, make sure you take the time to learn this chapter well and prepare yourself accordingly. Doing so will save you and the rest of your game group a considerable amount of time and confusion, and will help to keep the game moving at a fun pace.