Using & Restoring Valor

Valor is a unique resource which characters gain and lose based on their moral behavior and ethical actions, and which they can spend for various purposes. It gives characters who strive to be the ‘good guys’ a tangible benefit for doing so, and helps to promote the central positive themes from the original cartoon series in gameplay. Valor is not an alignment mechanic; characters can be from any and all walks of life, with any kind of view on morality and philosophy, and still make use of the Valor system.

Using Valor
Valor can be spent during gameplay to restore a character’s lost Fortitude and Willpower. This restoration can be used on the character spending the Valor, or on any other character present in the Scene, and multiple points of Valor may be spent at the same time by a character. For every point of Valor a character spends, they may recover 1d6 of their own Fortitude and Willpower (up to their maximum), or allow a friend to recover that amount--and each point, even when spent all at the same time, may be applied to a different character.

Additionally, several Edges give characters other ways to use their Valor points to make use of unique powers and abilities.

Restoring Valor
Whenever a character does (or earnestly attempts) something especially moral or ethical, usually going out of their way or accepting a burden of some kind to do it, or embodying their Guiding Element particularly well, the GM should restore one or more points of spent Valor to that character, up to their maximum.

Whenever a play session or Episode ends, all characters will begin the next play session or Episode with all of their Valor restored.