Acting In Harmony

When characters work together on the same check, they are acting in Harmony. Acting in Harmony can allow a group working together to accomplish something that no single member of that group could accomplish on their own.

Characters acting in Harmony are considered to be a single character for the purposes of the check, and use the best possible elements of each involved character to try to achieve success. For example, a group of characters acting in Harmony might use one character's Attribute score, another character's Skill, and an Edge possessed by a third character.

Characters acting in Harmony do not 'stack' any aspects of their characters; they instead choose the best available options for making the check.

For example, if two characters acting in Harmony have the same Edge granting a +2 to the check, they do not get a total of +4; they only get the single +2 bonus. In addition, any abilities which override or upgrade a certain benefit (such as one Edge awarding a +1, and its "Improved" version upgrading that bonus to a +2) only award the highest benefit (instead of gaining +1 and +2, the characters acting in Harmony only gain the +2 for the "Improved" Edge).

When a group of characters attempts a check and are acting in Harmony, they designate one character to be the leader for the purposes of the check. This character is the one who actually makes the check (rolling the d6's). However, when this leader rolls the d6's of the check, they add a +1 bonus to the check result for each character acting in Harmony, including themselves.

For example, four characters are acting in Harmony for a check. They decide on a leader for the check. The leader makes the check as the 'combined character' of all four participants, and also adds +4 to the check result (+1 for each character acting in Harmony; four participants yields a +4 bonus) above and beyond what the 'combined character' would normally be entitled to.

If, for any reason, characters acting in Harmony are dealt damage, they may split up the damage as they choose amongst themselves. In addition, if they spend Valor, any character who is acting in Harmony may spend the Valor (for example, if an Edge one character has requires Valor to use, another character acting in Harmony with them may spend their Valor to allow the use of that Edge).