Creating a character in S4E can be a detailed process, depending on the type of game you are playing, the level of play your group is starting at, and the amount of experience you and your group have with pen and paper RPG’s. There are many aspects about a character to consider and define during character creation, from the basics of their race and concept, to their attributes and skills, to the unique edges they may choose.

For this reason, character creation follows the acronym "D.A.S.H." to make the whole process linear, easy to follow, and easy to learn for new players. The following sections will walk you through character creation according to this process; but first, a quick explanation of what the letters of the D.A.S.H. acronym stand for.

Design establishes the basic foundation of a character; their Race, physical description, and overall character concept. This serves to inform all subsequent sections of character creation.

Aspects establishes the initial unique parts of a character; the Guiding Element which serves as their core moral principle, and the Fatal Flaw which they may be forced to overcome.

Statistics establishes the major inherent capabilities of a character; their core Attributes, their Fortitude and Willpower to resist harm, and their pool of Valor points.

Headway establishes the capabilities of a character which are gained over time; their set of Skills, the Edges they enjoy the benefits of, and their level of experience.

Ten Seconds Flat
For veteran players, and those who just need a quick reference of character creation, here’s a rapid run-down of the most important parts of the process:

Design: Pick your character’s Race (Earth Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn by default). Create your character’s physical description. Define your character’s concept (Background, Perspective, and Direction).

Aspects: Pick your character’s Guiding Element (Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, or Magic). Define your character’s Fatal Flaw with your GM.

Statistics: Your character starts with the three Attributes (Mind, Body, and Heart) each at 1. Calculate your character’s Fortitude (Body x 10) + (Heart x 5) and Willpower (Mind x 10) + (Heart x 5). Your character has a starting and maximum Valor pool equal to their Heart score.

Headway: Check with your GM to find out what amount of Experience Points the characters in your group begin with, and spend these Experience Points to purchase Edges.