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Last Update: 07/01/14

This section is reserved as a resource to keep track of any changes, corrections, expansions, or updates which are made to S4E post-launch, as well as links to any unofficial or supplemental resources we support. Although the Roleplaying is Magic project has officially shut down, and no further full editions of the game are planned, as more media comes out over time, it may compel future updates to S4E in the form of revisions, variant rules, or additional content. We also want to encourage fans and aspiring creative individuals to make supplemental resources and mods, and this site can be used as a central reference point for what we believe are the supplemental resources which further enrich S4E as a whole.

If you would like your supplemental content considered for inclusion, contact us at TallTailTellsTales@gmail.com and send it over to us! Whenever this compilation is updated, its date will be updated as well.

(Last: 07/01/14)
There are no post-launch updates at this time.

(Last: 07/01/14)
There are no supplemental resources at this time.