A Note For Developers

Just before he died in 1991, Gene Roddenberry (the creator of Star Trek) was asked in an interview what was to become of Star Trek in the future. He replied that he hoped "some bright young thing would come along and do it again, bigger and better."

It is our fondest wish that, though the official Roleplaying is Magic project is over, that some other Brony out there in the community with a passion for game design and storytelling, and a love for the themes and messages of Friendship is Magic, will pick up the reins we've left behind and carry on--learning and teaching themselves, helping others to become friends through the unique fun of roleplaying and storytelling.

Our greatest success was that Roleplaying is Magic helped people grow closer together, whether in the form of making friends with new people, or connecting with their children and siblings, just by playing together. We set out to learn how to make games and to try to create our own opportunities--and help those around us get the chance to do what they love, gaining experience and skills along the way. What we learned was not just how to make games, but also why to make games.

Games are important. How we play helps us understand who we are, what we believe in, and who we are striving to become. Games matter.

So, we hope with all our hearts that some bright young thing will come along and do Roleplaying is Magic again, bigger and better. Developers, aspiring designers, interested hobbyists, you have our permission to use Roleplaying is Magic, either wholly or in parts, to create your own My Little Pony tabletop RPG's and modules, with only a few conditions:

#1: Attribution
First, we ask that you credit Roan Arts LLC and Roleplaying is Magic in any works you create, and that in your credits, you also provide a link to www.RoleplayingIsMagic.com so that others can find this site and have the same opportunity to make use of its content which you've enjoyed.

#2: Non-Profit
Second, we ask that you only use Roleplaying is Magic content in free projects you create; we created this project to be free and available to anyone and everyone who wanted it, and to be used as a stepping stone, not a vehicle for profit. (But if you get hired by Hasbro, tell us!)

#3: Good Faith
Finally, we ask that you keep in mind, and strive to keep intact, the message and the themes of Roleplaying is Magic in any work you use its content for: friendship, self-exploration, doing the right thing, learning about the world, communities coming together, and upholding virtue.

We've designed S4E in such a way as to make modding S4E as easy as possible. Edges are the only method of character advancement and the acquisition of even basic character abilities, meaning that expanding S4E with additional types of powers and abilities is as easy as making new Edges, using the 100+ we've made for reference. Races are defined solely by the Edges they qualify for, making altering existing playable Races and creating new Races as easy as changing a Race's available Edges, or determining what Edges are available to a new Race you're creating. We've even designed several variant rule sets to help illuminate some of the ways in which S4E can be augmented through modular 'plug-in' variant rules, in order to make creating your own variant rules easier.

We've done everything we can to put the creative power in your hands, and we hope you'll use it to help bring fun and friendship to everypony.

We thank you all, friends and fans and family, for the love, support, and kindness you've showed us over the years; we wish you the absolute best of luck in making your noblest dreams for the future into a reality.

-The Roleplaying is Magic Team