The RiM: S4E Team

At this point, we’d like to take a few moments to introduce the team of crazy ponies behind Roleplaying is Magic: Season Four Edition.

Tall Tail, aka James Weimer, is the project lead and lead designer of Roleplaying is Magic. As an independent game designer, he has been at the helm of the game’s core design and vision throughout each edition, refining and improving it each time as he has acquired and expanded his own skills.

Know-It-All, aka Samuel Hanson, is the co-creator of Roleplaying is Magic. He has served to focus and distill the design of the game for each edition, lending invaluable assistance in helping to develop rough ideas into working core gameplay systems and features.

Artsy Heartsy, aka Daniel Oakley, is the technical lead and web guru for Roleplaying is Magic. Joining the team in the final days of the first edition, he has lent his experience and expertise with programming and scripting to give the game a place on the internet to call home.

Pixel Prism, aka Caytlin Vilbrandt, is the artistic director and lead illustrator for Roleplaying is Magic. Having joined for the game’s second edition, she has been responsible for the beautiful art and layout design which breathes life into the pages of each edition of the game.

Sketchbook, aka Michael Simpson, is an illustrator for Roleplaying is Magic. Joining the team for the game’s second edition, he has used his fine art and animation background to assist in the layout and graphic design of the game’s various materials.

Emerald Dusk, aka Casey Hayes, is the lead content creator for Roleplaying is Magic. Joining the roster for the third edition of the game, he has spearheaded the content creation team in producing a wealth of valuable content; from Spells, to creature information, even to pre-made Episodes.

Serious Business, aka Dominik Makowski, is a content creator for Roleplaying is Magic. Coming aboard for the game’s third edition after being a playtester, he has played an important part in the content creation team’s efforts to convert canon information into usable gameplay resources.

Kindle Bright, aka Shannon McMurtry, is the community manager and general assistant for Roleplaying is Magic. Originally joining for the third edition as an illustrator, she became vital in interacting with the game’s growing community of players.

Blue Bolt, aka Silentmatten (Matthew Hollatz), is the lead vector artist for Roleplaying is Magic. Stepping in for the third edition of the game, he has been instrumental in supplementing the artwork found throughout each edition with clean and well-constructed vector graphics.

Silver Lining, aka Alexis Baker, is the editor for Roleplaying is Magic. Joining the crew for the game’s third edition, she has lent her keen eye and attention to detail to ensure that the ideas and gameplay mechanics of each edition are clearly expressed and articulated.

Baker's Dozen, aka Eugene Elzinga IV, is the senior playtester for Roleplaying is Magic. A long-time player and contributor to the project, he was officially added to the team for the fourth edition of the game, and has been the players’ voice in ensuring it is the best it can be.