How To Read This Book

This rulebook is organized into chapters covering major topics, and sections within those chapters which break down each topic into its main points. This allows for easy reference navigation, and intuitive guidance through learning S4E’s mechanics and gameplay concepts.

The best way to read this rulebook is to do so straight through from start to finish; the information within is organized so that each chapter builds upon the chapters before it. After learning the basics of S4E, referencing specific rules and sections can be done during gameplay by using the table of contents in the beginning of the book. This is especially important for Game Masters (GMs), as the Running An Episode chapter of this book relies on knowledge of everything preceding it.

A Little Help From Our Friends
This rulebook, due to its online format,  also includes the Encyclopedia Equestria chapter, which is meant to help game groups in creating ideas for characters and Episodes, and playing them out. The Encyclopedia Equestria chapter is not original S4E material; it consists entirely of links to select pages of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wiki, the best fan-created and fan-maintained repository of information on the original cartoon series. This was done to ensure that the canon information available to S4E players is kept up-to-date and accurate.