What You'll Need To Play

In comparison to many other roleplaying games, S4E is relatively light in terms of the materials necessary for a group to play. Ideally, a group of players should be able to play an Episode (an adventure) with things you could find in an average home. To play an Episode of S4E, you will need the following:

Some Friends!
S4E is designed to be played with up to six players, who each create a character and control their individual characters’ actions, and one GM, who runs the Episode and brings it to life around the players’ characters, as well as playing the role of any other characters in the Episode.

Four Six-Sided Dice
Each player, as well as the GM, should have four six-sided dice (or "d6’s") to use for attempting character actions and determining the outcome of certain situations. The size and coloring of these d6’s doesn’t matter, and if enough dice aren’t available, S4E can be played with one set for the GM and one for all of the players to share.

If you are playing online using virtual dice, we recommend our dice roller.

Pencils (Or Pens) & Paper
Like any pen and paper tabletop game, there is a certain amount of note-taking and bookkeeping involved in playing S4E; players will need to keep track of their characters’ amount of various types of points and attributes during gameplay.

Character Sheets
Any player who will be controlling a character (everyone except the GM) will need a character sheet to record their character's information on, as well as to keep track of changes and improvements.

This Rulebook
Finally, the group will need this online rulebook for reference and to guide them through certain parts of gameplay.