Welcome to my personal webpage! 

I am an Economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), working with PARIS21 (Statistics Directorate). I contribute to the work of the Front Desk and provide analytical support to the partnership, in particular through the Partners Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) and the Capacity Development 4.0 initiative. 

Prior to PARIS21, I was an economist at the OECD Development Centre, working with the Latin American and Caribbean Desk and the Director’s Office. Previously I worked for the OECD Economics Department, the Institute for Latin American Studies (London, UK) and the University of Los Andes (Bogota, Colombia). I hold a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and a M.Sc. and PhD in Economics from the Paris School of Economics. My main areas of interest include financial development in emerging economies, trade and economic growth and education and skills. 

Below you can find most of my publications and working papers.

Professional Address

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

2 rue Andre Pascal  

75016 Paris - France

Tel: + (33) 01 45 24 82 15

E-mail: rolando.avendano(at)oecd.org

Working Papers

"What explains output recoveries in Emerging Markets after the Global Economic and Financial Crisis?" (with Christian Daude) coming soon

"Latin America’s faltering manufacturing competitiveness: what role for intermediate services?" (with Filippo Bontadini and Nanno Mulder) coming soon

"Sovereign Wealth Funds: Firm Impact, Diversification and Natural Endowments".

"The Costs of Going Public in the Emerging Corporate Bond Market: The Role of Bank Reputation and Rating Agencies", with Sebastian Nieto-Parra (submitted). 

Understanding student performance beyond traditional factors: Evidence from PISA, with Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Sebastian Nieto-Parra and Flora Vever. OECD Development Centre Working Papers No. 331. OECD Publishing, Paris.


"China y América Latina: hacia una nueva asociación", Política Exterior, No. 173, Septiembre-Octubre 2016 (with Angel Melguizo and José Ramón Perea).

"Hacia un nuevo modelo comercial entre América Latina y China", Economía Exterior, Numero 77, Verano 2016 (with Anna Jankowska and Sammy Libos).

"Central America, China, and the US: What Prospects for Development?", Pacific Affairs, Volume 88, No. 4, 2015 (with Jeff Dayton-Johnson).

SME Internationalization through Value Chains: What Role for Finance?" Integration & Trade Journal 37, pp. 71-80, 2013 (with Christian Daude  and José Ramón Perea) Spanish version

"Are Workers' Remittances Relevant for Credit Rating Agencies?", Review of Development Finance, Volume 1, Issue 1, January-March 2011, pp. 57-78.

"Are Sovereign Wealth Funds' investments politically biased? A comparison with Mutual Funds", International Finance Review, Volume 12, 2011 (with Javier Santiso).

“The Macro Management of Commodity Booms: Africa and Latin America’s Response to Asian Demand” (with Helmut Reisen and Javier Santiso). Working Paper No. 270, OECD Development Centre, Paris, August 2008.

“América Latina: Punto de encuentro entre Asia y España” , Boletín Económico del Instituto de Comercio Exterior, Nbr. 2937, Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, Madrid, May 2008 (with Angel Alonso Arroba and Javier Santiso).

Reports and contributions to books

"Asian Opportunities and Diversification Strategies: An Outlook for Latin American Trade" (with Javier Santiso). In Fung, K.C. and Garcia-Herrero, A. (eds) China and Latin America: Growing Economic Relations and Commonalities in Policy Issues. Routledge Publishers (forthcoming).

“Economic Fundamentals of China-Latin America Relations” (with Javier Santiso). In Hearn, A.H. and León, J. L. (eds), The Trans-PacificExchange: China Engages Latin America. Lynne Rienner Publishers), November 2010.

"Remittance Flows and Financial Development" (with Sebastián Nieto-Parra) in Latin American Economic Outlook 2010, OECD Development Centre, Paris, Novembre 2009. 

"Remittances and Capital Markets in Latin America" (with Sebastián Nieto-Parra) in Latin American Economic Outlook 2010, OECD Development Centre, Paris, Novembre 2009.

“Trade for Development: China, India and the Challenge of Specialisation” (with Gøril Havro) in Latin American Economic Outlook 2008, OECD Development Centre, Paris, Novembre 2007.

“L’impact commercial de la Chine et de l’Inde sur l’Amérique latine”, (with Javier Santiso) in Annuel du CERI : L'enjeu mondial, Les pays émergents, Centre d’études et de Recherches Internationales, 2008.

“Adapting to the Rise of China: How Can Latin American Companies Succeed?”, World Economic Forum Working Paper, Geneva, April 2008. (with Angel Alonso Arroba and Julio Estrada).


"Why scarce small and medium enterprise financing hinders growth in Latin America: A role for public policies", VOX EU, January 2013 (with Niels Boehm and Elisa Calza).

"Are sovereign wealth fund investments politically biased? Comparing mutual and sovereign funds", VOX EU, Febrero 2010 (with Javier Santiso).

La Oportunidad de América Latina en Asia”, El Economista, Mexico, June 2008 (with Gøril Havro) .