Roland Paranormal Investigations (R.P.I.)


Who are we? 

We are a non-profit paranormal investigation team located in Sacramento, CA. Our primary mission is to help people that believe they are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or businesses. We also are here to educate our clients on the paranormal and help them take back their power over their home or business. Our secondary mission is to prove the existence of the paranormal. We use scientific methods in addition to psychics, or sensitives, to help us gather evidence. We never charge our clients for investigations and we respect our clients' privacy. We will not post any evidence without the consent of the client.

In addition to investigations we also offer educational presentations for people that are interested in becoming a paranormal investigator or for those that just want to know about the paranormal. These presentations are usually done on Friday and Saturday evenings. Space is limited for these presentations so if you wish to attend you must RSVP. 

If you would like us to do an investigation, or would like more information on our presentations we can be reached by email at 
or by phone at (916) 990-1827 or (916) 990-6852. We look forward to hearing from you!

Steve and Jennifer Roland
Founders and Investigators
Roland Paranormal Investigations

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We are here to help you!! If you need our assistance please do not hesitate to contact us! If we are not in your area we are able to refer you to a team in your area that we trust to be professional and honest! WE NEVER CHARGE TO INVESTIGATE YOUR LOCATION!!!