Roland Gibeault Page #2 - A Qui Tam Relators Story


    Regarding case numbers CR 88-232-AHH & CV 88-3757, these are the first Defense Fraud Cases to be prosecuted and won without a jury trial under the U.S.C. 31 3728-3733 Statute both Criminally and Civilly from the conception of the law in 1863 when President Lincoln help enact the law coined "Mr. Lincoln's Law" and the Oct. 27, 1986 amendment sponsored by Senator Grassley and Senator Bermann.  

     This case was the largest and most serious defense fraud cases of the 1980's. Roland Gibeault was the Qui Tam Relator on this case who represented the United States Government and the United States "Tax Payers" against Corporate and Government Defense Fraud.  

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Below are some of many Court Documents regarding this case:

Constitution and this case.pdf  ( Overview and Constitutional questions regarding this case and the H.A.R.M. missile Program )

CR88-232-AAH, U.S.A. vs Genisco Technology.pdf  ( Genisco and 3 defendents Plead Guilty, Plea Agreement from Genisco and the answer back from the United States District Court of Central California )

Origin of the Nolo Contendere Plea in Crimi.pdf  ( This is a common practice when lawyers find themselves up against a wall with no other recource other then to save themselves )

DefenseWeek.pdf  (5/1/1989 Washington D.C. insider magazine for the Pentagon and private defense corporations and congress and the senate key people working on defense budgets and procurement. "Bounty Hunters"  Search for fraud can end in cash and unemployment. Page #9 & 10

LetterfromBrianOsborne9-22-1995.pdf  ( letter from Brian Osborne regarding his situation and the lawsuit going on between the law offices of Herbert Hafif and the law offices on Phil Benson. )

8-23-1995 Phil Benson's Declaration to the.pdf  ( Phillip Benson from the law firm of Warren & Benson, Declaration to the Orange County Court explaining how the Hafif law firm dropped the ball on several False Claims Act cases including the Texas Instruments case )   

Maps of Major Targets in Libya's major citie.pdf  ( Maps of major Air Force bombing targets and some of the civilian areas that were hit not by 500 lb. to 2000 lb. bombs but by something less powerful )

Jason Rowe Investigations report to the Ha.pdf  ( Jason Rowe Investigations early summary of the Genisco situation in a interdepartmental memo )

letter from Matt Garrett 4-6-1987 @ TI trip t.pdf  ( Texas Instruments and DCAS of California admit that there are problems on Texas Instruments side also and their trying to understand the drifting problem that their having with the telemetry package testings at China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Facility, China Lake, Ca. )

United States District Court District OfC.pdf  ( The first Settlement Agreement in the False Claims Act in the history of the law to be won )

USA vs Werner Brinkschulte, CR88-232-AAH G.pdf  ( Governments Opposition to Werner Brinkschulte's Pleas to Reduce His Sentence )

U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit CV-956.pdf  ( Inga Maudal's Factual Summary Of The HARM Program In Support Of Notice Of Material Error Of Fact In United States v. Texas Instruments Corp. 25 F.3d 725 (9th Cir. 1994), and Petetion For Re-Hearing ) 

Supreme Court 10-1996 Hafif Law office pet.pdf  ( Front page only of The Law Offices of Herbert Hafif Petition to the Supreme Court of the United States For a Writ Of Certiorari )

Inge Maudals Motion to the Supreme Court Pe.pdf  ( Inga Maudal Petitions the 9th Circuit of appeals regarding constitutional questions in their ruling of case No. CV 89-6238 JMI (GHKx) and  95-56660 )

Inga Maudals Notice Of Material Error Of Fa.pdf  ( United States Court of Appeals 9th /cir.  95-56660 Notice of Material Error Of Facts In United States v. Texas Instruments Corp. 25 F.3d 725, 725 (9th Cir. 1994 ), And Petition For Rehearing )

Inge Maudal Deposition 11-26-1990, CV-896.pdf  ( Inga Maudal's Deposition Volume 1. This is a must read to understand the gravity of this case and how this weapon's system was corrupt,  front cover only, volume #1 is 902 pages long and volume #2 is almost 600 pages long ) 

Declaration of Roland Gibeault to the Nint.pdf  ( United States District Court for Central California, No. 95-56660, DC# CV 89-6238-JMI Central California, Declaration of Roland Gibeault In Support Of Notice Of Material Of Facts In United States v. Texas Instruments Corp. 25 F.3d 725, 725 (9th Cir. 1994 ) And Petition For Re-Hearing )

Government Agents Business Cards.pdf  ( Some of the Business Cards From Lawyer, Investigator, Government Special Agents )  


Below are some of the many Newspaper Articles regarding this case:

LA Times 12-20-1986 pg.24 Authorized Libya.pdf  ( LA Times 12-20-1986, pg. 24, Authorized Libya Contacts Denied )

Errant missiles spark probe of Genisco 5-5.pdf  ( The Daily Breeze is the first newspaper to break the Genisco Story regarding the H.A.R.M. Missiles missing their targets during the Libya Bombing Raid , the source of the information was Peter Stockton the leed investigator on the Sub Committee On Oversight and Investigations, John D. Dingell,  Chairman ) 

Navy Accused of Trying to Mislead Congress.pdf  ( Washington Post 11/16/1988 - pg 21, Congressional Sub-Committiee Pulls Texas Instruments and the Navy on the mat to let them know that the Dingell Committee is being lied to and they know it ) 

LA Times 1-24-1989, Part 2, 3 sent to Prison for.pdf  ( 1-24-1989,  LA Times, Kim Murphy, 3 Sent To Prison for Supplying Faulty Military Weapons Parts )

LA Times, Kim Murphy Staff Writer, MilitaryP.pdf  ( 1988 - LA Times, Kim Murphy, Military Parts Called Inferior; Two Firms Charged )

Genisco to pay T.I. 1 million.pdf  ( 11-1987, Daily Breeze, Micheal Lev, Genisco to pay Texas Instruments 1 million dollars for damages to make it appear as if Texas Instruments was kept in the dark and they were having no problems at all with their actual missile testing at China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Grounds in California )(See alotment Telemetry packages in the GAO 1988 Report on Four Naval Missile Systems )

5-6-1988 Proof Story UPI International fro.pdf  ( 5-6-1988, UPI Story, HARM Missile Prob )

10-12- AP Staff Mike Comeaux Area Business Defrau.pdf  ( 1987, S-FP Staff Writer Mike Comeaux, Area Business Defrauded U.S., Prosecutor Says )

Front Page,1988 The Enterprise Geni.pdf  ( 10-12-1988, Penny Rosenberg, Genisco Pleads Guilty to Save Firm )

Daily News / LA Times Man pleads guilty Firma.pdf  ( 1988 - LA times, Kim Murphy, Firm Admits Faking Test Data for Missiles )

Defense contract fraud charges are level e.pdf  (The Enterprise, Penny Roeenberg, 3-25-1988, Defense contract Fraud Charges Are Leveled At Firm )

Front Page, The Enterprise 11-8-1988 Genis.pdf  ( The Enterprise, Penny Rosenberg, 11-8-1988, Genisco Fined $725,000.00 )

Front page, Copley News Service, Norma Meyer.pdf  ( Daily News Front pg., Norma Meyer, 1988, Defense Contractor Charged With Fraud ) 

Front Page, Daily News, Karen E. Klein South l.pdf  ( Daily News Front pg, Karen Klein, 1988, Southland Defense Firm Charged With Fraud )

Front Page, The Enterprise, Penny Rosenbe.pdf  ( The Enterprise Front pg., Penny Rosenberg, 9-1998, Genisco Charges Won't Be Reduced )

Genisco worker pleads guilty in fraud case.pdf  ( Los Angeles AP, LA Times, Genisco Worker Pleads Guilty In Defense Fraud Case )

Sentences a patriotic message Jan. 24, 1989.pdf  ( The Enterprise, Front pg., 1-24-1989,  Penny Rosenberg, Sentence is a 'Patriotic Message' )

The Orange County Register David Greenwal.pdf  ( The Orange County Register, 1989 -  David Greenwald, Defense contractor Admits Giving False Test Results To Navy )

Roland Gibeault letter of layoff.pdf  (Genisco typo in layoff letter date started, January 17, 1985) ( Roland Gibeault was fired from his job after the discovery portion of the indictment was released to Genisco and Texas Instruments during the discovery part in this case )

Genisco Technology Corp. Stock Settlemen.pdf  ( After the government realized that they were bankrupting Genisco the U.S. Attorney's office in L.A. and the Department of Justice and Gibeaults attorneys advised him to some how settle with Genisco directly insted of going along with the Settlement Agreement that the government had from the original QUI TAM Lawsuit, either way Gibeault never received the reward due him ) 

110,000,000  Shares of Genisco Stock paid.pdf  ( Front and back picture of the Genisco stock that was transfered to Gibeault in lieu of money against Gibeaults concerns about the companys financial situation but the U.S. Attornys office and his legal representatives told him he had no other choice other then to take the stock,  due to Genisco's financial situation and the governments lack of taking care of the individual who made their case against Genisco for them. ) 

This rare Civil War Act Law Suit and Gibeaults case profoundly affected his life after a (12 year) court battle from 1986 till 1998. Like all the Pioneer Qui Tam Relators who stepped forward after the original Oct. 27, 1986 amendment to The False Claims Act  31 U.S.C. 3729-3733 not realizing exactly what they were stepping into, many pioneers whistleblowers never recovered from their trauma.   A Front Page Column 1 article that is a 4 page article about the First Pioneer Whistleblowers, to read all 4 pages each page is numbered at the bottom of each page.

There will be a final and comprehensive storyline posted on google in the very near future.