Roku Remote

SavvyBud was the first remote app to bring channel view to easily navigate from channels. Now we bring new features in form of cloud-sync technology in the upcoming release (version 2.0.0) which brings pertinent channel information to add and activate private channels.

Roku Remote is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app which works as a WiFi remote for your Roku digital video player. Both iPhone (iOS device) and Roku have to be on the same router for it to work. See our Release Notes for features. Following devices are supported (iOS SDK 4.2 and up):
 iPhone 4  iPhone 3GS  iPhone 3G iPhone   iPod Touch 4th Generation  iPod Touch 3rd Generation  iPod Touch 2nd Generation  iPod Touch 1st Generation
 iPad  iPad 2

IP Address setting for Roku Player

It is possible that the Roku device may change its IP address, if you have not configured the device for a fixed IP address. This happens when the device is inactive and its DHCP lease expired. The router may assign a new IP address to the device.

We recommend that you assign a fixed IP address for roku via your wireless router configuration. All routers these days allow assigning of fixed IP based on the MAC address. You can find the MAC address on the Settings->Player Info screen. Make sure you get the correct one for wired or wireless connection that you are using and then configure your router to assign fixed IP for this MAC address. For example, the Roku player appears in my wireless router with details as specified below:

IP Address       Name                        MAC Address    NP-K0A09J008594    00:0d:4b:34:e3:fe

Troubleshooting: Verify that you have correct IP Address
1. Make sure your iOS device and Roku Players are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Here's a simple test I would suggest to verify that your Roku IP address is correct. If for example your Roku IP address is, then enter the following URL in your web browser on your PC/mac or iPhone Safari, if you see the channel store image in your browser, you have the right IP address and then this IP address should work correctly.

replace with the correct IP address in the above URL. Here's an example:

The gadget spec URL could not be found