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Watch The Sitcom show of Jessie on your Roku

posted 9 Aug 2018, 01:19 by Rokucomlink Account

Sitcom Show of Jessie on Your Roku Now

Jessie is one of the popular shows streaming on your Roku device. It is the only series that has got a huge welcome for the customers. It attracts people from all generations.

  • Have you ever wondered if you can have a family who could possibly be normal?
  • You expect rich parents, loving family and a nanny for a dream life style.
  • But there are high possibilities that you can change the opinion about a dream family after watching the Ross family.

Jessie, one of the few shows that are available for streaming when you get your Roku account at www Roku com link!

The plot:

  • The story is about a girl who moves from Texas to New York to become a popular actress.
  • But that doesn’t happen. Instead she becomes a nanny to a super-rich family.
  • Jessie’s farther works in the military and is very strict.
  • She runs away from her father to pursue her dream.
  • She reaches New York where she gets help from a friendly doorman.
  • He is very sweet to her and helps her to get into a luxurious apartment along with a little girl Zuri Ross.
  • Zuri notices her previous nanny running away.
  • So when Zuri notices Jessie she insists her to be their new nanny.
  • Though initially Jessie was reluctant, Jessie accepts to be their nanny.
  • She moves into a multi-million dollar penthouse with the Ross family.
  • The wealthy Ross family includes Zuri’s parents who are huge movie stars Morgan and Christina
  • They also have four children including Zuri- Emma, Luke, and Ravi.
  • Jessie has to now make her living in the big city.
  • She has to face new adventure as she grows to rely on the support of the children she is taking care of.

Cast and characters of Jessie:

Watch the Sitcom show of Jessie on your Roku and here are the list of few Lead characters

  • Jessie Prescott- (Debby Rayan) plays the role of Jessie who is an 18 year old from rural Texas. She moves to New York City to live her dream of becoming a popular actress. Instead she ends up being a nanny to four kids who belong to a wealthy Ross family.
  • Luke Ross- (Cameron Boyce) - one of the four Ross kids. Mischievous 13 year old Luke Ross starts to like Jessie.
  • Zuri Ross- (Skai Jackson) –is a sassy 7 year old is the one who makes Jessie their nanny.
  • Emma Ross- (Peyton List) – is the second biological kid and is 10 years old. She is very eager to change the world the way she wants it to be.
  • Ravi Ross (Kevin Chamberlin) – is the new adopted kid of the family. Ravi is an Indian and is blended with the culture of his home land. He is so excited with his new life with the new family.

Do you think Jessie can manage to be a good nanny to this beautiful family? Watch the series on your Roku to know more about this wonderful TV series.

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