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Watch Big Little Lies On HBO

posted 10 Aug 2018, 03:26 by Rokucomlink Account

There has been quite a debate on whether the “Big Little Lies” ought to return for a second season for your TV screening!

Though it was quite a mini-series, let’s agree the fact Big Little Lies is one of the year’s best series!

Big Little Lies

What do you feel about the return of “Big Little Lies”?

With a precise murder plot which was carefully directed along with a fitting finale, there have been quite a few themes of the power of parenting

Infact, the world has been wondering whether the big stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon would return back to TV!

Looks like what we hear from the Board is that the second season series is almost on the cards!

Besides, The first series is a luxury shoot with all the ingredients to make it as a single and complete story.

About Season 2

On the Positive side, the second season doesn’t look far as the show producers Kidman and Witherspoon make the second series

Surprisingly, the reaction from the public about the season is really good

Though the subject of concern is quite sensitive, the shooting of such episodes especially the last was quite a task for the big little lies team.

From  a minimum of 400 people on the sets, different perspectives are shot to bring in the combo of humor and  drama

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Big Little Lies novel

With just seven episodes which portray the darker side of home violence, this dark comedy-drama is in more in demand among other critics.

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