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Troubleshooting tips on Roku activation

posted 7 Mar 2018, 20:22 by Rokucomlink Account

To activate the Roku streaming player or Roku TV the user need to link the device to a valid Roku account using Roku com link account. The information of the streaming devices you use, channels installed to it, the customized preferences and settings are all stored in your Roku account. Therefore, it is always mandatory to have a valid Roku account. It is important to remember that Roku never charges their users to create a Roku account.

For activation, user can visit the website Roku com link on an external device and enter the link code displayed on the television screen. However, sometimes during the activation process, the user may get an error while entering the link code on the website. Continue reading to get to know different error that may occur during the activation or linking process and few troubleshooting tips to resolve the issues.

If users require any assistance in linking their existing Roku account to their Roku device then they can visit either visit Roku com link setup .

·         Getting an error while entering the link code on site

1.      Try entering the code for the second time.

2.      The error may be mostly due to typo error or some may be due to temporary network or server error.

3.      Try pressing the * button on the Roku remote and then select Get a new code.

4.      Once you receive the new activation code, enter it on the site at Roku.com/link account before the code gets expired.

·         Roku device got stuck on the link code screen

1.      The activation process may take few minutes to get complete. Therefore, the user can wait for few minutes.

    1. Ensure you complete all the steps involved in the in the activation of the Roku device.
    2. Otherwise, users will not be able to complete the Roku device activation successfully.

·         When the Roku device is Unable to connect to wireless network or not connected to the internet

1.      These connectivity and network issues can be resolved by entering the appropriate network credentials like network name and password.

2.      Ensures the router is working properly. 

    1. Try improving the wireless signal strength by placing the device and the router in proximity and avoid any interference between them.
    2. Restart the Roku device and the router

·         Common Roku error codes and suggested actions

1.      Error code 009 means Roku device is connected to the router but not able to connect to the internet. Users can contact the ISP provider for assistance on this.

2.      Error code 012, 013 is particularly is related to the Ethernet. Ensure the Ethernet cable is intact and connected to the Roku device and router. Either replace the Ethernet cable if possible or try restarting the Roku device and router.

3.      Error code 14, 14.20, 14.30 are related to the wireless network connection. Check if there is any network failure. Check whether the signal strength is adequate and avoid interference. Try restarting the router.

4.      Error codes 14.40 or 14.41 are caused by incorrect network credentials password for your network. Ensure the appropriate network is selected and correct passwords are entered.

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