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Preventing Roku Direct WI-FI access from Breaking through other Devices

posted 8 May 2018, 23:22 by Rokucomlink Account   [ updated 8 May 2018, 23:23 ]

Few Roku streaming devices like Roku 3 and Streaming Stick Plus devices uses WI-FI Direct facility to communicate with their remote control and does it efficiently.   Rather if you try using the same WI-FI for another purpose then Roku that is near your WI-FI access point or between the other device and the access point, then the WIFI connectivity acts horrible. Even a Roku streaming device that is activated with the Roku.com/link account that is located in the apartment next to you, could break your WI-FI network connectivity. Sometimes you may receive complaints from your neighbor compelling you to stop using the device. Here are few techniques to identify and fix the WIFI issues that you can handle easily.

Symptoms of Roku device accessing Roku Direct WIFI:

  • Roku device will always grab the same WIFI network as the nearest WIFI access point.
  • Would broadcast WIFI Direct on the same network
  • Increase the power to stay above the AP, as the Transit power is increased
  • Usually, it is not common to have a tool to identifies these WIFI issues or to diagnosis then.
  • Most of the times these WIFI issues are left unseen or users are unaware of it.
  • It happens that at times the WIFI was unusable to use, and it was identified that network horrible because of the two nearby Roku streaming device network interferences.
  • It is not that you need to disable your WIFI network, because in such cases you will not be able to utilize your WIFI Remote. Purchasing an IR remote does not act as a perfect solution to this

The real problem is that Roku streaming devices interference mitigation is enabled by default. This state of the Roku Streaming Device synced with a valid Roku com link account purposefully disrupts the traffic for other nearby devices connected to the same WIFI connection.

Troubleshooting Tips to resolve the WIFI issues

Try following the completed procedure suggested below to fix the WIFI issues.

  • Turn on the Roku streaming device and navigate to the Roku home screen.
  • Then Press these 10 buttons quickly and simultaneously
  • Now from the menu that appears, choose the “Wireless Secret Screen” option.
  • Choose the “Interference” option from the pop-up menu options.
  • Now choose the select “NO” option.
  • This setting would resolve the WIFI issues it.
  • Now you can once reboot the streaming device and continue with further streaming.
  • You can visit the Power menu and customize its settings to low.
  • These setting will not affect the utility of the WIFI remote and would not lower the power sent to the spectrum.
  • You can also disable Wi-Fi Direct on the Roku 2 streaming device by visiting the Roku home screen and choosing the Settings option.
  • From the System submenu, select the Advanced system settings.
  • Then select ‘Device Connect’ and then ‘Disable Device Connect’ options.
  • Now you will not be able to see the Roku network.

You can try these techniques to resolve these issues, in case of any assistance required in preventing the WIFI direct access on Roku streaming devices or on further Roku streaming using Roku.com/link account you can contact us @ +1-866-991-0140