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How to Setup Express VPN on Roku

posted 10 Jul 2018, 03:48 by Rokucomlink Account

Roku Activation is done yet? Setup the Express VPN on Roku!

Want to know how to setup Express VPN on your Roku device?  The Roku Customer Service gets to reveal that VPN function is not actually in- built for the Roku streaming stick,. We have come up with this article to help you set up manually with assistance from the Roku Customer Service post your Roku Activation code!

By following the below steps, you will be able to successfully connect to Express VPN network.


  • Enter the Roku account details on your Rou device
  • For setting the VPN enabled router, connect the Roku and router server to the US server address, 
  • Roku contents will not be visible if there is any mismatch 
  • Ensure if the PC supports virtual router. To check this step, open the command window and right click on it to Run it as an administrator. 

For windows vista or XP

  • If you are using the version of windows vista or XP, visit ‘my computer’ icon and right click on it.
  • Now open the Router manufacturer website to read the tutorials for VPN setup from there. If the manufacturer name is not available with you, then you can directly enter the name of your router on the internet.
  • Ensure the Roku setup is in place before trying to start with the VPN router setup. Contact the Roku Customer Service for assistance on Setup Express VPN on Roku
  • Enter the Roku link from the same machine on which VPN settings are available.
  • Try resetting your Roku player. The reset button is at the back of the streaming player. 
  • Hold the button for 20 seconds and see if you find any signal on the screen 
  • Check the HDMI cable of your Roku device properly to fix this problem.
  • log onto your Roku account with new credentials. Open the linking page from the official Roku website.If you need help, contact the Roku customer Service. 
  • To link the Roku with the router, open ‘settings’ and choose network. 
  • By Clicking on the wireless option, choose the ‘virtual router’ from the list of present networks.
  • Enter your password and confirm the step.


Activate your Roku through the Roku Activation Code which is necessary for activating the Roku device! Call Roku Service at +1-866-991-0140 or https://www.rokucomlinkaccount.com/  helps you with user assistance and troubleshooting tips if required to Setup Roku