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How To Fix: Roku Mobile App Won't Connect To My Roku Device

posted 4 Jul 2018, 04:26 by Rokucomlink Account
The Roku mobile app is a free application for iOS and Android devices. Roku device chosen from the device discovery screen that appears while launching the application. Sometimes the users may face issues in finding the Roku device on the discovery screen while launching the application. Here are the steps you can follow, when you are not able to find your Roku device while setting up your Roku device using the mobile app.

Checking the Wired /Wireless Network Connection


  • Make sure that the Roku device and your mobile is connected to the same network. An active internet connection is required to use the Roku mobile application and also for setting up the Roku account.


  • You can choose the scan option from the network screen to search for the available network


  • To find the name of your network, Go to Settings >Wi-Fi >Network name


  • If you find it difficult to know the name of your wireless network, you can get support from the network provider. The wireless network name is sometimes called SSID, which is the default username set by the Router manufacturer.


  • Avoid using multiple wireless routers and use a separate wireless router to connect your Roku device.


Checking the Wireless Network Password


  • You can enter the same wireless network password to connect your mobile device to the home network. 
  • Default username and password will be listed on your modem 
  • Show password and hide password option allows you to hide or show your wireless network passwords.

Checking the IP Address

After setting up the Roku account, Go to the settings>Network on your Roku device and check your IP Address. A virtual private network or VPN is most commonly used to connect your mobile devices to the work network. Network traffic causes network connectivity issues and you may find it difficult to find your mobile device on your Roku mobile application.

Restarting your Roku Mobile Application and Roku device 

Restarting your mobile application and Roku device can help to resolve the issue to an extent: 

    1. To restart your Roku mobile application 
    1. Double click on the IOS home button and swipe on the Roku app to close it 
    1. Tap on the Roku app icon to relaunch the application  

To Reset your Roku device  

    1. Resetting the Roku device is another solution to find the Roku device on your Roku mobile application 
    1. Go to the settings menu and choose Advanced system settings and choose the Factory reset option to reset your Roku device 
    1. Enter the code that is displayed on the screen. New models of Roku devices like Roku streaming stick and Roku 4 comes with a Reset button, you can hold down the reset button till the device gets reset. 

These steps will help you to find your Roku mobile device on your Roku mobile application. If still problem exist call us 
+1-866-991-0140 or visit us roku com link