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...born in London ...based in Barcelona

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Short Story - The Summer They Electrocuted the Rosenbergs

R.K. Nathan is a writer of literary fiction who currently has three completed projects on offer:

1. Three Halves Burning

This is a novel of three Halves, positioned around a love triangle between three old friends - Paddy, Luke and Julia - which ends in Julia’s death on her wedding night. Did she jump or was she pushed? Luke, the groom, takes flight. Paddy, who has loved her desperately for years, tries to learn the truth. In doing so, he uncovers the involvement of a right-wing political party and a coven of witches.

A novel in which magical realism is undermining love, politics and religion.

2. Scenes From My Globalised Divorce

BB LeMarr responds to his third divorce by travelling to various countries, trying to find the parts of his personality that his ex-wives seem to be missing. Staggering through countries like Burkina Faso, Nicaragua, Italy, Guatemala, Mali, Vietnam and the USA he tries to convince people that “everything is way possible”. He fills his book with adventures, deals, visions, visitations, thoughts, terrorists, musicians and more.

Fact and fiction intertwined and dancing.

3. Stained White

Two architect brothers who are responsible for a new and iconic building in Barcelona are used as characters by two young would-be novelists who work for them. These two novels slip between reality and creation, illuminating the effect each has on the other, while exploring with humour and imagination the complicated relationship between the two brothers that lies beneath it all.


Daring fiction: three distinct but interconnected novels telling one extraordinary story.