Research Works of Roji George

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  James P S and Roji George (2008) Finance & Banking: An Anthology of Contemporary Research (Edn),

Excel Publishers, N. Delhi                                                                



Roji George (2008) “ Preference Capital : an Untapped source of Capital in India Management Trend Vol. 5 (2), pp 75-82

  • Roji George (2008) “Relevance Benjamin Graham’s Investment Philosophy in Indian Context” Effulgence Vol. 6 (2), July - December,  pp. 18-25

    Roji George (2007)Merger : Panacea for Tribulations of Kerala BanksAIMA Journal of Management & Research, Vol.1 (2), July,  pp. 1-12< 

    A Kumudha , Roji George and Glennie G P (2007) “Job Satisfaction Among College Teachers: An Exploratory StudyNishma, Vol. 1(1), Jan.- June, pp 13-19  


    Roji George, C. Prema and Bijo E. Kurian “Value addition at South Indian Bank Ltd – an EVA Analysis”  Udyoga Pragathi, Vol. 30, No 2 April –June, pp 1-9 


     Roji George and Bini K Kurian “How Competitive Indian Housing Finance Industry is? An Empirical Analysis  Focus, The International Journal of Management Digest, Vol 2, No1, April, pp 28- 36. 

    also in      in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services (Vol. 1) V. Narender & H. Amalraj (Ed.), ICFAI Books, The ICFAI Press pp 57 -76.( 


    Roji George, Reji George and A Kumudha "Anomalis in Personal taxation" available at


    Roji George (2006) “Kerala Banks Layichalulla Nettavum KottavumDhanam, Volume. XV111 (10),May 31, p13

    Roji George (2006) “Kerala Banks Layich Onnayal Endu Sambhavikkum?” Dhanam, Volume. XV111(9),May 15, pp13 –





    Roji George (2007) “ Performance Evaluation of Privatized PSUs in < xml="true" prefix="st1" namespace="" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags">ndia Doctoral Thesis Conference organized by ICFAI Business School at Hyderabad during March 9th and 10th, 2007


    Roji George & Sachin Chester (2007) “Relevance Benjamin Graham’s Investment Philosophy in IndiaNational Conference on Business Optimization Research Wave, jointly organized by IIT Mumbai and NITIE Mumbai during February 15 -17, 2007


     V. Charles, Roji George, R. H.H. Subramanian (2006) “Statistical Model to Estimate Dividend in Indian Private Sector Banks”, Proceedings of Third AIMS International Conference on Management conducted by AIMS International and IIM A during January 1-4, 2006


    Roji George (2006) “Consolidation: An Inevitable Opportunity for Kerala based Private BanksConference on Global Competitiveness conducted by Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, during 23 & 24 March 2006


    Roji George (2005) “A Study on Cross Selling in Catholic Syrian Bank LtdInternational Conference on Business, Economics and Finance 2005, conducted by Adaikalamatha Institute of Management, Thanjavur,  during 29 & 30 Sept. 05


    Roji George (2004) “Economic Value added and Its Computation in Indian Banks2nd International Refereed Conference on Business and Finance 2004 conducted by ICFAI University Hyderabad and Philadelphia University, USA at Hyderabad during 27 & 28 Dec. 2004


    Roji George and A Kumudha (2004) “ EVA in Private BanksNational Seminar on Management Research conducted by PSGR Krishnammal College Coimbatore.


    Rajeswary Krishnan and Roji George (2004) “NPA managementNatioanl Conference on Computational Finance, conducted by Karunya Institute of Technology & sciences, Coimbatore on 26th March 2004.


    Roji George (2002) “Financial Sector Reforms During Liberalisation EraNational Conference on Globalisation and its Impact in Indian Economy, conducted by CMS College of Science & Commerce, Coimbatore, during 20th &21st January 2002.





    1.      Roji George  “ A CAMEL Model Performance analysis o Old generation banks in India”