Resources in Computational Photography


Computational Photography:

> Books

 Computational Photography: Mastering New Techniques for Lenses, Lighting, and Sensors A K Peters, Publishers, Raskar and Tumblin

> Journal papers
 "Face Swapping: Automatically Replacing Faces in Photographs," 
  D. Bitouk, N. Kumar, S. Dhillon, P. N. Belhumeur, and S. K. Nayar,
  ACM Trans. on Graphics (also Proc. of ACM SIGGRAPH),  Aug 2008

 "Light Field Transfer: Global Illumination Between Real and Synthetic Objects,"
 O. Cossairt, S. K. Nayar, and R. Ramamoorthi, 
 ACM Trans. on Graphics (also Proc. of ACM SIGGRAPH),  Aug 2008

> Conference papers
 Ramesh Raskar- Review paper on CP in EUROGRAPHICS 2006 
 (Comprehensive Bibliography at the end of paper) 

> Recent Research
 Anat levin:4D LF for DOF extension
 Single Pixel Camera

> Previous, related and interesting research

 Deconvolution Microscopy
 Wavefront Coding Cubic Phase Plate  and Depth invariant blur 
 Origami lens: thin Folded Optics
 Varying polarization- best polarization for a photo 
 Line Scan Camera
  Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection
 Anoto pen:exact copy of what is drawn and store it digitally 
 Recording,photgraphing resistant environment
 Stanford Light Field Microscopy
 Microsoft natal project-Gaming

> People
 Shree Nayar Columbia CS Dept Chair
 Marc Levoy
 Jack Tumblin Northwestern
 Paul Debevec USC Computer graphics group
 Rama Chellappa U of Maryland
 Steve Seitz U Wash
 Michael Cohen Microsoft Research
 Todor Georgiev Homepage Adobe systems
 Yung Yu Chuang NTU
 People list from MIT CP symposia
 (B K Horn , G Barbasthasis, Michael Cohen, Graham Flint, Felice Frankel, Bill Freeman, Aaron   
 Hertzmann, Leonard McMillan, Charles Sodini)
 People List from IC-CP 2009 Conference Committee
 Anat levin Weizman Institute
 Andrew Adams Stanford Prof Mark levoy's -phd student
 Yoav scechner  Physics based Computer Vision
 Johnny Lee Microsoft Research
 Rob Fergus NYU CS Dept
 Ken Perlin NYU CS Dept 
 Peter Belhumeur Columbia CS dept

> University Dept Groups,Centers, Courses:
 Wikipedia CP
 Carnegie Mellon's 15-463, Computational Photography (Alexei Efros) 2005 2006 2007 2008
 Georgia Tech's CS 4475 (Computational Photography) 2005 2006 (Irfan Essa)
 MIT's 6.098/6.882 (Fredo Durand and Bill Freeman)
 NTU's Digital Visual Effects (Yung-Yu Chuang)
 SIGGRAPH 2005-07 courses on Computational Photography (Ramesh Raskar and Jack Tumblin)
 Stanford's CS 448A (Marc Levoy) 2004 2006 2008
 Drexel Univ cours ein CP

> Conferences Journals, SymposiaWebsites
 IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (San Francisco, April 16-18, 2009)
 NIPS Symposium on Computational Photography (Vancouver, Dec 11, 2008)
 Workshop Image-Based Modeling and Rendering (Stanford, March 23-25, 1998)
 ICCP 2010 Cambridge MA  (MIT Media Lab 29-30 march 2010)

> Blogs, resource aggregators
> Companies and Industrial Research
 Cedip IR Imaging products
 Ren Ng Reforcus imaging- PhD from stanford

> Misc Links:
 Steve Mann Former Media Lab PhD student, Wearable computing avant garde work
 Fredo Durand's Student Resources
 Deborah Estrin UCLA Mobile Urban sensing project: like Dimagi idea