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About Me: 'Me' is a pronoun!

I like traveling, ice skating, reading, 'talking' and am trying to learn cooking. 
Although the picture makes many think I am singing in it, I am not that good at it. I have lived in Pune, Boston, Bangalore and Mumbai. Presently I share my time between Mumbai and Pune.

I can be reached at and +919739780001

[Last updated: Feb 2013]

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2012-            Business Development at Mahindra & Mahindra - CleanTech Business

2011-2012     Deputy CTO, CanvasM, Mahindra group mobility arm

2009-2011     Graduate student in Computational Imaging  (Camera Culture Group) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Media Lab 

2005-2009     Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at College of Engineering Pune, India (CoEP)

Media Links:

Social Innovation: Using Mobility for Employment in India: Rohit Pandharkar (Asia), IDG International, July 2012   

Narotam Sekhsaria Fellowship, 2009 Interview: Rohit Pandharkar, June 2009

i5 Talks Mahindra: Social Media crises: Rohit Pandharkar, September 2011


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Miscellaneous pics:

DSCN0213.JPGFrom the Media Lab days: We used to break open expensive cameras the way kids rip apart toys. Media Lab is like a sand box where students are given open access to multiple tools, equipments, softwares, time and money to create things and dabble into areas of their interest. Media Lab probably has made the strongest influence on the way I look at and use technology. It made me realize there is nothing like "technical feasibility", one just has to create things and figure out ways to solve hurdles.