wonder=kamal gor
micro=siyon, cóñço, gura, códaran
business=códori, hasharbar, karobar, tejarot, bebar, bebacá

discuss=biyasana gor, mocuwara gor, báfa sinta gor, huwábula gor
agreement=rozamondi, etefáki, rezamondi
criticism/disturb = súta tuar 
near by=aste hañsé
pretend=sónna dóris

abuse=fózul hóssa gor; bekodor gor
abuse=bortab gor; nakodor gor
abuse=gail de
abuse=zulúm gor
abuse=beizzot gor; hór hotá ho; bura hórkot
abuse=ziyadoti; behúdayi; najayes

Rohingya Grammar: Causative

How to use "Caused" features:

aná baiyi -->anábaiyi
áñca baiyi -->caused to laugh
buwá baiyi -->caused to sit down
buwá garaiyi -->caused to sit
cúndor goraiyi -->caused to beautify
duñra baiyi --> caused to run
fíra baiyi -->caused to turn
foñsaiyi -->caused to get rotten
fooñt dóra baiyi -->caused to get pardon
gaa dúaiyi --> caused to take bath
gas tuláiyi --> caused to grow trees
goráiyi --> caused to do
hábaiyi --> caused to eat
haça baiyi --> caused to cut
hañda baiyi-->caused to cry
mara baiyi --> caused to beat
mata baiyi -->caused to talk to talk
matá gúrabaiyi -->caused to feel headache
nasa baiyi -->caused to dance
neça baiyi -->caused to lye down
neelaiyi --> caused to go out
nisa daháiyi -->caused to looked down
niza baiyi -->caused to take it
rañdá báiyi -->caused to cook
sóon goráiyi -->caused to sworn
sul thana baiyi -->caused to pull hair
thana baiyi -->caused to pull
tulá báiyi -->caused to get up
zola baiyi -->caused to burn
zorái diyabaiyi -->caused to slaughter

Driving Videos 
(A) Round Abouts

Downlands Education Trust.

What we do                                                                  

The trust is a grant-making charity supporting the education of children and young people with special needs, particularly those suffering from dyslexia, autistic spectrum or similar learning disorders. 

We make grants to registered charities specialising in these fields, including charitable schools, in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  We do not support individual children or state-funded schools. 

Grant-making policies 

We make grants towards the cost of equipment and other projects, including training courses, to charitable schools and other registered charities whose beneficiaries are predominantly children with special needs.  Favoured items include training and classroom equipment, books, musical instruments, IT hardware or software and equipment for outdoor play, physiotherapy and developing communication skills.  We particularly welcome applications from schools whose intake comprises dyslexic or autistic pupils or those falling within the autistic spectrum.

Grants are usually in the range of a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, but applications outside this range will be considered.

More details and applications

More information and instructions for applicants, including examples of awards, deadlines and an application form (which must be submitted by hard copy) are available on our website.  Legacies and donations welcome.


Governing document

This section gives details of the form of governing document the charity has and when it was established. It does not contain the full text of the document.

A governing document is the formal document which sets up a charity and which contains information about:

  • what the charity is set up to do (objects);
  • how the charity will do those things (powers);
  • who will run it (charity trustees);
  • what happens if changes to the administrative provisions need to be made (amendment provision); and
  • what happens if the charity wishes to wind up (dissolution provision).

It should also contain administrative provisions that explain:

  • how the charity trustees will run the charity; and
  • arrangements for meetings, voting and financial administration.

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