Rohingya words auto spell check dictionary (Word-addon-v01.DIC)

You can simply add word-addon-v01.dic to your Word document and you will get auto correction of Rohingya words automatically. Follow the instruction below how you can easily add Rohingya Dictionary into Microsoft Word 2007 or above.  

In fact we have been continuously adding thousands of Rohingya words into Microsoft Words so that you will get automatic spelling checking for Rohingya words (in addition to English) as you type Rohingya words. Automatic spelling check is also available even you missed correct spelling. 

You can add one of the Word-addon files listed down below to check automatic spelling checking when writing Rohingya documents. 
  1. Download file (any listed below) - make sure click on down arrow (right side), not on file name itself.
  2. Open Microsoft Word (2007) or above
  3. Click on Word logo (most top-left-corner) 
  4. Click on "Word Options" at the bottom right of the window (the box window you got when clicked Word logo)
  5. Click on "Proofing" at the left pane
  6. Click on "Custom Dictionary"
  7. Click on "Add"
  8. Select the file (previously downloaded)
  9. Click check mark next to the file name (so that it will be active)
  10. Click OK
Note: It is better to first copy the downloaded file to the appropriate directory.  To do this you click Custom Dictionary (as in step 6 above). You can see  the directory just next to "File Path" at the left bottom of the box as:  C:\Users\YourDirectoryName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof or something similar. This step is not necessary and you can Add the file from any where, though it is better to keep it under ...\UProof directory. 

You can add multiple dictionaries (such one for animal names, types of shelter, types of trees, professions etc.
and make active by checking check mark or deactivate it when not needed. 

Step (1) Click "Top-Left Microsoft Word icon", and then click "Word Options" below.


 Step (2) Click "Proofing", then click "Custom Dictionaries" shown  

Step (3) Click "Add


Step (4) Select "Word-addon-v01.DIC" and then click "Open

Step (5) "Word-addon-v01.DIC" is added as seen below. CUSTOM.DIC was previously default.

Note: Word-addon-v01.DIC is made Default so that new words (which shows red underline) in your MS-Word document can be added by right-clicking it (show red lined) and then adding to the dictionary.

Eng Mohammed Siddique Basu,
Nov 30, 2013, 12:57 PM