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Rohingyas are ethnic minority people of Arakan State, Burma (currently known as Myanmar) with a population of 3.5 millions inside and outside of the country. More than half of the population have escaped the country due to systematic ethnic cleansing of Rohingya population. Rohingyas are predominantly Muslims and follow Sunni religion. 
We have developed one of the most beautiful writing systems. It has been officially recognized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) by awarding ISO Code 639-3 rhg, where rhg stands for Rohingya. 

more about.. our projects & developments, school, online teaching, language development, Quran projects, dictionary project, school curriculum books etc.  And pictorial dictionary, translation etc. And also language grammar development. Moreover, book printing and so on.

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We have been providing Quality Rohingya Translation services worldwide since 2007. 

We are the first to translate from English to Rohingya. Our Rohingya writing system has been officially recognized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on 18th July 2007. 

Rohingya Translator

Rohingya Translator:

We provide quality Rohingya Translation and Interpretation service. 

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