Rohingya font for Windows and Linux

The Rohingya language is sometimes written with the Arabic script. To get familiar with this script here is a nicely illustrated textbook: (rhg-textbook-1-2.pdf, 10828 Kb).

This page provides both a font and a keyboard download for Rohingya Arabic script usage. Unicode 6.1 provides extensions for the Rohingya language in the Arabic script block Arabic Extended-A.

Installing the font

Download the Scheherazade Rohingya font here: (, 458 Kb) and install it. If your operating system or program does not recognize the font restart the computer or program.


Keyboard Layout

Get a printable version of the Keyboard layout here: (rhg-layout.pdf, 115 Kb). For using this keyboard you also need one of the following

Keyman (non-free)

A Keyman keyboard is provided here: (rhg-Arab062.kmx, 9 Kb). The Keyman package includes the font so only the keyboard package has to be downloaded and installed. Keyman is not a free solution. You can get Keyman here.

Ekaya (free)

This solution requires various steps in order to install the keyboard.

  • The first step is to install the Burmese Ekaya keyboard. Go to this page: and install the keyboard.
  • After installing the program, go to this folder on your computer: C:\Program Files\\Ekaya\kmfl.
  • Download the Ekaya Rohingya file (, 110Kb) and copy the unzipped files into that folder. You will immediately be able to use the keyboard.
  • Click on "EN", then the little keyboard to the right on "EN" and then click on "Ekaya Input Method" and then choose rhg-Arab...


The same Ekaya keyboard should also work with KMFL on an Linux machine. At this point we have not provided an installer or instruction on how to install a KMFL keyboard. You can try this manual for Debian Linux or this one for Ubuntu Linux.


To use this font you need programs with Unicode 6.1 support (e.g. LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird or other programs with Graphite or from Mozilla). Microsoft programs will not run since Microsoft has not updated their rendering engine to handle the Unicode 6.1 characters yet.

(You can also use the regular Scheherazade alpha font with Graphite support for Rohingya. When using LibreOffice it is possible to use the Scheherazade font and turn on the Graphite features by typing in the font selection box "Scheherazade alpha:cv62=1&cv72=1&cv82=4".)


Scheherazade Rohingya is released under the Open Font License (OFL), version 1.1. Copyright (c) 2004-2013.