Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group

    The Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group (RSRG) is comprised of genealogists interested in researching their ancestry from the community of Rohatyn, Ukraine.  Although the group is primarily interested in the Jewish history and community that once existed in Rohatyn, any researcher with ties to towns within the district of Rohatyn is welcome to join.  The RSRG maintains a private discussion forum and a private website.  Through a group email address, members of the RSRG can share stories, news, photos, and otherwise communicate with other members of the group.  The RSRG website hosts all the information that we have collected about the Jewish community of Rohatyn extending from the 17th century to World War Two.  The website includes:
    Documents and indexes for census data, property lists, directories, vital records, youth groups, immigration, Holocaust and a variety of other records related to Rohatyners.
    Family Tree information for many families with origins from Rohatyn.
    Maps and geographic landmarks of Jewish interest including the Rohatyn Google Earth Project.
    Cemetery and burial information for cemeteries in Rohatyn and those in the United States associated with Rohatyner Landsmanshaften societies.
    Timeline of historical events important to Rohatyn.
    Information on archives around the world with documents on Rohatyn.
    Photo albums of images of Rohatyners, Rohatyn, and records.
    The RSRG has also recently branched out to research towns within the district of Rohatyn as delineated by the 1900 Austrian census.  If you have ancestral ties to a town within the district of Rohatyn, you are welcome to join and add your family and research to the site.  Some major towns include Bursztyn, Stratyn, Knihynicze, Podkamien, and Bukaczowce to name a few.  We can provide advice on how and where to research and find information and records about your ancestors.

    To obtain free membership to the group and access to the group forum and website, please make your request to join the Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group by sending an email to Please include the ancestral surname that you are researching.  Since the website exists on the Google platform, a Google account is required for logging into the site.  If you do not already have a Google or Gmail account, you can create one by registering your email address with Google at  Once membership has been granted and you receive a notification of acceptance, you will be able to log into the RSRG website using with your Google account ID or email address, and password. 

    I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your family history from the town of Rohatyn.

    Alex Feller, MD
    Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group,
    Founder, Website Administrator, and Forum Moderator.

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